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    Automated positioner systems

    Hi Guys, i'm looking some info on a satellite tracking system, that i can remotely control a singular, or multiple antennas. via a web interface - such as a satseo system. but for a 10 or 12ft dishes.
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    40.5w Reception NSS806

    Hi Guys, i'm looking to install a dedicated dish for this bird in the NJ area. I wanted to know if anyone had experience with NSS806 and the performances of dish sizes with it. i am looking at installing a fixed 2.4 solid. but i need reliable reception so may need to look at a 3m. though i don't...
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    Fibre LNB's

    Hi Guys, just a quick question as to the use of Fibre LNB's in North America, does anyone have experience with these? specifically the ones i see are designed with the European market in mind - IE 10.7-12.75 and quattro multiswitches. does anyone know how they will cope with 10.9-11.7 with a...
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    Commercial Satellite Installer

    Hi Guys, i'm looking to locate an experienced, reliable satellite installer in the San Luis Obispo area, we are considering installing a 3M Circular C-band dish and want to discuss a job with an installer
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    Circular C-Band

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for some assistance in setting up a Dish for Circular C-Band reception. is there anyone on this forum who has a good working knowledge of circular reception, and can assist me in configuring a dish to pick up NSS806?
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    DirecTV Latin America

    Hi Guys, i'm looking for a broker to get selected directv latin america channels in the USA. can anyone recommend a supplier?