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    Olympic Soccer on Telemundo 8/11

    Olympic soccer starts today on telemundo, tune to your local telemundo affiliate for the coverage.
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    Voom Will Survive If:

    The key issue for voom is PQ. The company would get very competitive if they guarantee the WOW factor effect, inhd, and hdnet to current and future customers.
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    New Channels and Olympics on VOOM?

    I live in florida and the florida fox sports channel has not been added to my service...God only knows what the people at voom are doing with the channels. Let's hope they add them by tomorrow or something.....
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    New Channels and Olympics on VOOM?

    I hope they add the RSNs, especiall Fox Sports Net Florida... Go Marlins!!!!!......
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    CONFIRMED: New version 6.10 has arrived! (Please post your observations here)

    Mission Accomplished: Software has arrived!!! Hey guys I just wanted to let you know that the new software was downloaded to my box last night. I already did my OTA scanning, works perfect, at least thats what it seems like since I picked up about 6 new channels including ABC news now. Here...
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    This is What HD Should Look Like

    A question for all the wise people in the forum: will the future switch to mpeg4/wm9 increase voom's PQ or are they just planning to increase the number of channels from whatever benefit the switch might bring??
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    Upcoming install, what should I expect?

    Just expect that they show up the day the installiation is supposed to occur.....
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    Voom Wasting my time...

    money talks, and they are loosing lots of fans........
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    Voom Wasting my time...

    sorry but I didn't watch the conference, everybody is fed up with the ferrari domination or should I say their lack of true racing...(M.Schumacher doesn't race anymore he just waits for everyone to get into the pits, when was the last time he passed someone in a race????...)
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    New Firmware Update - WHEN???

    new software, when???? When will the new software update become available?
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    1080i or 720p?

    Is voom broadcasting in 1080i or 720p? I bring up this issue since I notice a slight difference in PQ between HDnews and Worldsport/Rave/Equator. Also, today I noticed that Ultra's show "Haute Couture" is transmitted, according to the program guide, in 1080i.
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    Problem with Box, Help

    Last night my voom box froze while changing channels. I wasn't able to turn it off through my remote so the only choice I had was to unplug it from the wall. After plugging it back in everything worked as usual except for the program guide. I left the receiver on the whole night and it still has...
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    Voom only in 16:9 ratio?

    Press Voom button>press green button>go to systems settings>choose the #1 option and play around with the screen sizes...
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    WorldSports.. Can we get more?

    Worldsports has to add the following: -sports news program (like sportscenter, at least once a day) -weekly live baseball matches -weekly live soccer matches (I like what they are doing with the spanish league even though the season is over) -motorsports (imagine the World Rally...
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    So what's next for 21 Exclusives?

    what vurbano said is definitely true. Voom should add all the independent HD networks that become available and they should reduce their number of exclusive channels to about 8-12. Sean's line up seems very good, the only change I would make is to leave worldsport and rush hd as separate...
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    Vooms Customer Service

    call again and choose the first option (dial #1), they'll answer right away
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    [VOOM] Hi, I'm new...Install rant...grrrrrr

    You should have shot Chuckie....
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    Euro Cup 2004, do we get that?

    Hey apparently fox sports world will be transmitting some games live. I just checked the listings and supposedly they will be broadcasting the France vs. Croatia (Thursday Feb 17) and Italy vs. Sweeden (Friday Feb.18) matches both at 2:30 EST. However, I do not know if these matches are subject...
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    Euro Cup 2004, do we get that?

    bla bla bla...... you think the games fall in the middle of work days just in the US? come on your excuses are pointless!!!!!!!