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    Christian TV Network?

    Any details on this network? I was checking FTA List and it looks like it was added to G25 just a few weeks ago. Is this a part of Glorystar or does it just happen to be up on G25? Details from FTA List: Christian TV Network 12115-V 22426 1792 1793 WCLF
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    Mercury II transponder scan

    Quick question here. Say there are 3 channels on a transponder I want to add to my channel list. So I do a transponder scan and it turns up a dozen channels. Is there any way I can just select the 3 channels I want to add? It seems that the only choice is to add all the channels found or...
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    Pics of Glorystar setup

    Been running great for over a week now since I got back from vacation. Finally had a chance to landscape around the dish install. As promised, some pics. I mounted the dish on a tripod and not to my roof. I just didn't want something that big to catch the wind on my roof. Plus down on...
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    Any troubles with AMC 4 right now?

    I'm tuning in my installation and I keep having 3ABN go out on me. It's great at a solid 90/90 and then it goes out for a while. Just wondering if there is a problem on the sat or if I need to look at something else with my setup. Thanks!
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    Glorystar Installation and Review

    Thank you again to Satguys and Glorystar for the system. The system was delivered on Saturday. It's a pretty big box, a bit bigger then the dish itself but is less then a foot wide or so. Nice handles on the top make it easy to carry. It's a bit heavy but not too bad. Packaging was...
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    Two receivers with Glorystar system

    So I know there are 2 LNBs which will be combined to a single cable at the dish. If I want to run to 2 separate receivers do I get a multiswitch such as this? Or do I get a disc switch like this...
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    Other channels on receiver

    Glorystar1, Really glad to see this forum. I'll be getting a system soon, just waiting for the tax return. From the FAQ: So the Mercury II will be pre-programmed for the Christian channels and soon it will autoupdate itself. So if I do a scan to add in all the international channels...
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    Glorystar dual LNB setup

    Anyone have the Glorystar dual LNB setup? Here is a link to the package: Looks to be run by Satellite AV. Seems like a pretty good deal. Mercury II and 90cm dual LNB dish and all the goodies for $199. My main question is how well does the dual...
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    Standard vs. Universal LNB

    Can someone educate a newbie and explain the difference? I *think* that standard uses linear polarity and the universal would do both linear and circular, correct? Now, what does that mean in terms of channels available?
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    EPG on Mercury II?

    Couple questions on this receiver: 1) Is there an EPG for the religious channels at 97 and 101 (Adventist and Glorystar channels) 2) With the coax out set to channel 3 or 4, would I be able to diplex that into a coax line with DirecTV? Where my wife would want to watch most of the time is a...
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    Wild feeds

    So I see the available channel listings for FTA on various sats. But what about "wild feeds". Are these back haul feeds that just show up randomly for things such like an NHL game on Fox sports or something? New to FTA and will most likely be getting a setup for my wife to get religious...