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  1. reedl

    Dish - Can you add just one channel to a given package?

    The problem with single channels is that the channels themselves want to be in as many households as possible. If the channels were available on an a-la-carte basis, then all of the less mainstream channels would not have the household counts that they have, and advertisers would not advertise...
  2. reedl

    Dish Name Based Recording DVR Software Update

    What about credit card autopay? I really need to know how to sign up for that each and every month! Reedl
  3. reedl

    How easy is "moving"??

    The issue with phone lines is pretty much not one since area codes and exchanges really do not translate to specific areas as much as they used to. For example here in Mass, a certain town could have four different area codes because different parts have different exchanges (which happen to be...
  4. reedl

    Anyone thought about the future of AMC-2

    Knowing that SES has AMC-1 at 103w, AMC-4 at 101w, AMC-3 at 87w, AMC-5 at 87, AMC-6 at 72W, AMC-8 at 85w I think that AMC-2 will probably be kept around at 105 for both C-Band usage at that slot (since AMC-15 has no C-band capability), and as an in-orbit spare for the other satellites. The...
  5. reedl

    I'm a bit disappointed, someone tell me

    The only problem is that you still need some sort of switch to let the receiver select which satellite it wants to tune to. This switch is either internal to the receiver, or an external switch, but there has to be one somewhere. To put that switch in the receiver is not a very good idea...
  6. reedl

    Is anyone watch the Boston Fireworks Show in HD tonite??

    Even in Boston OTA it was NOT HD at all (which disappointed me alot). You would think that for something this eventful the local CBS station would get HD cameras out and make a real good production of it. But no, they have to interrupt it with too many commercials, thereby missing some of the...
  7. reedl

    The Dish HDTV Giveaway

    The number of entries stuff reminds me of the Drew Carey Show "Who's Line is is Anway?" Where he gives "points" which mean absolutely nothing... Reedl
  8. reedl

    Are high performance cables worth it????

    If you heard Hiss on a Digital interconnect, you are hearing things that are being introduced by something else. There is no way that a digital interconnect could introduce noise like that. As to cables, I always use cables from Markertek ( which makes their cables from...
  9. reedl

    Moving (Really!!)

    Only the address makes any difference with Dish and DirecTV as to what locals you get. The phone number really does not matter. Reedl
  10. reedl

    ISF Calibration Question..

    I really like the way the Pioneer Electronics site is written: 'Although all Pioneer Elite PureVision Plasma TVs and PTVs deliver an outstanding picture “out of the box”, they are not, of course, perfectly tuned to your own media room.' What really is the case is due to manufacturing...
  11. reedl

    7200 Black And White Screen

    The 7100/7200 defaults to Black and White while it is being setup (perhaps because they figure you might be pointing it with a small TV or the like). If you reboot/power off/pull smartcard it should go back to color when it resets. Reedl
  12. reedl

    Voom, Direct*, Dis* Comparison

    Even older Films will be much higher quality than any SD transfer could ever be. As to the lighting, etc. The older films I feel are even better than some new ones because they had to make everything look good without any post production "magic". I have seem some old movies in HD that would...
  13. reedl

    Dish 2-tuner splitter

    I also heard that the new Dish Pro Plus switch will support legacy receivers also, so things like Dishplayers, and older stuff will not need a dishpro adapter. Reedl
  14. reedl

    Dish 2-tuner splitter

    The only thing I am familiar with that I can remember is a thing called DishPro Plus which works the following way: You run one wire to the two inputs of a dual tuner receiver (or it has a single jack, I do not remember). What the receiver does is has two different commands for which...
  15. reedl

    how does a 501 record video??

    From what I have seen lately, HDTV is even less that 19.3 Mbps. Considering that Boston's WGBH broadcasts an HD channel, and 2 SD channels, and that I think that the major networks are only doing 11 or so Mbps, there is even better compression going on. The problem is that when you take a...
  16. reedl

    Cingular Wireless

    I have had Cingular for over 14 years (when they were Cellular One), and I like them pretty much. My Nokia 6340i as stated above is a great basic phone with a real nice car kit (I would never have a phone in a car without handsfree). GSM works quite well, and since Cingular has been in the...
  17. reedl

    Couple simple 921 ?'s

    As to 2 channel audio compared to 5.1 audio, and 5.1 always being better, you are very correct that sometime the 5.1 audio is just plain bad. For example the SuperBowl on CBS had very bad 5.1 audio, but the stereo was pretty good. The way your stereo takes two channels and converts it to...
  18. reedl

    What's with HD Demo channel moving?

    I guess that means you will be able to get the HDTV modulator for a reasonable price now! Reedl
  19. reedl

    Do you leave your E* receivers on ........

    Actually the difference between ON and Off is so small that it is probably the difference between the LED ON and Off. The recevier is still tuning the satellite, receiving, and processing the information that comes down. I am going to have to get my ammeter and see what the difference in power...
  20. reedl

    The only thorn in my side about Sky Angel

    A couple of off the wall comments from a pretty much atheist: 1) When I was in college, the joke around there was that god did not create the earth in six days. He waited until the night of the 6th, and pulled an all-nighter.. :) 2) I have a major problem with people who believe earth is...