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  1. bowaters

    DISH Expands High-Definition Programming

    Actually we had ESPN News in HD a few years back and now Dish is acting like they giving us something new.
  2. bowaters

    722k and sling problems

    I just got the sling for the 722 and having the same problem. Tech support told me 7 days.
  3. bowaters

    Help with Asus WL-330gE

    Can anybody help me with setting up an Asus WL-330gE Ethernet connection to a VIP 722? I have a Linksys Wireless G Network Network in use. It is not practical hardwire the Ethernet connection to the 722.
  4. bowaters

    Fox News HD Up and Running

    Now if we can get ESPNU HD my wish list would be complete.
  5. bowaters

    Signal Loss TV2 on Model 522

    No. I haven't tried another dual receiver. Dish is bringing out a replacement one tomorrow. This is their fourth visit in trying to resolve this problem. They have done some rewiring and replaced the LNBF's and swithces so far.
  6. bowaters

    Signal Loss TV2 on Model 522

    I am not getting a signal on TV2 on Dish Model 522. The signal on TV1 is fine. Setup is two dishes - 110 & 119 on one Dish and 61.5 on the other. There is one line coming into house to back of the receiver. A Dish seperator is used to split to TV1 and TV2. Dish Tech checked connections and said...
  7. bowaters

    No color on 522 when turn on

    When I pause a recorded show on TV1, TV2 will go black and white if watching a live show. If you hit the reverse button once and take TV2 out of live mode, the color returns. Also unpausing TV1 will return color on TV2. Dish Network is aware of this problem. It is a software glick on L413.
  8. bowaters

    TV2 Black and White issue

    On my model 522 when a recorded show is paused on TV1, one of the tvs on TV2 goes to black and white. If you hit back button or watch a recorded show on TV2 the color is fine. If you switch TV2 back to live tv it is black and white again until you unpause TV1 or go back to live tv on TV1. I have...
  9. bowaters

    Remote Replacement Help Guide

    Can I use the 6.2 kit to operate TV1 on my 522? Can I use also use the 6.2 kits is aux mode to operate TV2 on my 522? Where is the best place to purchase the 6.2? Thanks
  10. bowaters

    625 L413 update causing audio problems???

    Dish Network is well aware of this problem. This has been a problem on my 522 for around a month - since the L413 update. Dish Network said the Engineering Dept. is working on a fix. The audio problems occur on TV2. I expect the problem to be more widespread once the L413 software is downloaded...
  11. bowaters

    Lost of Audio on TV2 with DVR522?

    I called Dish and reported this problem last night. They said that the engineers are aware of the problem and don't know when a fix will be made. They sugguested that I call back every week and report the problem. I have been with Dish Network for 10 years and if this problem is not resolved...
  12. bowaters

    I Lost My Distant Networks!

    1. Nov. 2 2. West Virginia 3. N/A 4. Sent email and plan on calling today
  13. bowaters

    oln channel??????

    Fox News has the highest ratings of any cable tv news channel. I would glady say goodbye to CNN.
  14. bowaters

    Distant Network Channels

    I received a letter from Dishnetwork yesterday which said I must choose either my locals (Pittsburgh DMA) or distant network channels. I have had distant network channels since 1996 and thought that I was grandfathered since SHVIA was extended. Even though I am in the Pittsburgh DMA I am not...