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  1. broadcasttheworld

    Thursday night Steelers game audio issues

    Did anyone else have audio and video jitter issues durring the steelers game Thursday night? Or was it my off air receiver from Directtv?
  2. broadcasttheworld

    DTV Question

    I am about to get direct TV. What satellites does DTV point? With Dish I have 4 61..5/110/119/129 I plan to get the prime package that includes all channels + HD. No international though.
  3. broadcasttheworld

    DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR on 2 TVs

    I was wondering if it was possible to somehow use the Direct tv hd DVR on both an HDTV and SDTV like I do with the 822 I have with Dish. I am moving over to Direct Feb 1 when AT&T picks up the new partner. If it is not possible via normal specs would it be possible to at least watch DVR shows...
  4. broadcasttheworld

    AT&T could be looking at Liberty Media to Spin Out Entertainment Unit

    In a bid to close the wide gap in value between its Liberty Entertainment tracking stock and the holdings it tracks, Liberty Media will spin out of the majority of the assets into a new, asset-backed stock. The move is intended to make Liberty Entertainment – which tracks a 52 percent stake in...
  5. broadcasttheworld

    Benefits of the easturn ARC

    Thanks to Scotts review of the eastern arc we know pretty much that if you have a 2 dish setup now with 110/119/129/61.5 there is really no reason to upgrade from a PQ perspective. However having that setup in Ohio I never lose 61.5 in a storm only the others "61.5" is the wingdish. Are the...
  6. broadcasttheworld


    Here in Cleveland I have been experiencing intermittent sound issues with the NBC affiliate from Dish. I do not get the issue off air so I assume it’s only a dish local encoder issue. I noticed them during the Olympics and have again noticed the same thing during last nights NFL game. Any other...
  7. broadcasttheworld

    Good interaction with an AT&T Dish REP

    I thought since we always see bad interactions on here. I thought I would tell of a good one! My 2nd remote went out. I called they went over some basic setup steps, had me check the batteries, and reset somethings. After about 10 - 15 minutes on the phone they said "I'm sorry sir your remote...
  8. broadcasttheworld

    Remote DVR setting

    Now that dish has an active ethernet connection on the VIP DVRs. Does anyone know when we will be able to go on the web to set our DVRs to record shows? I for one think they need to develop an easy to use web interface we can log into. Sure would make it nice. While they are at it can we...
  9. broadcasttheworld

    AT&T to drop Dish contract

    I did not see this one coming! I wonder if they are upset that they could not reach a merger agreement.. :confused: AT&T to drop Dish contract - Dallas Business Journal: Telecom giant AT&T Corp. will end its current contract to sell a product bundle that includes satellite broadcaster...
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    AT&T again talking to E?

    I’m hearing again that AT&T and E have resurrected the talks of doing a possible acquisition. Anyone else hearing anything on this?
  11. broadcasttheworld

    Mlb / Nfl

    Any chance E* will get MLB Extra or NFL ticket anytime soon?
  12. broadcasttheworld

    Lip Sync issues on National HD

    Am I the only one who has noticed significant lip sync issues with the Dish Network national HD channels? Is this an issue with MPEG4 or with the accusition methods used by dish? I wonder if they are getting this content via IP instead of layer 1 which FEC on IP would cause such an issue. If...
  13. broadcasttheworld

    Cleveland Locals 61.5 and 129?

    I see the uplink activity still shows WOIO/WJW/WEWS/ and WKYC on Sat location 61.5. This is a problem since the Cleveland area RSNs and Sports Time Ohio - Home of our Cleveland Indians is still on sat location 129. I am thinking about getting a dish 300 to point at 61.5 for locals. Is it...
  14. broadcasttheworld

    One Dish Or Two??

    Is it better to get a system like the Dish 1000 to pick up 110/119/129 or is it better to have 1 for 110/119 and another for 129? I currently have the 1000 system and never lose service except for 129 goes out and I lose my HD. Any thoughts?
  15. broadcasttheworld

    New Hd Locals

    Just curious if anyone has some inside info on when the new HD locals just announced will be launched. Also I live in Cleveland Ohio area and currently have the Dish 1000 setup with 110/119/129 birds in my view. I have great signal 90% of the time on all sats and in the last year since i've had...