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    home network

    how do you connect a 622 to your home network
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    How do you connect a 622 to broadband , wireless ,is there a kit you can get?
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    Is the dhpp fpr 5.99 a month worth keeping ,I have now for 18 months with no troubles any ideals on this:confused:
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    Turbohd silver

    Does any one have a list of what channels you get,and if the big ten network is available out side the big ten states with the turbohd silver.
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    dishhd only package

    on the dish web site they have the big ten network listed as one of the channels but it is not showing up anybody know why :confused:
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    dvd/vhs connections

    how do you connect a dvd/vsh recorder to a 622 rec ?
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    Hd Locals

    Any Info When Dish Will Have New Local Hd Channels (knoxville Area)