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    Optimum Boost

    Same here ,maybe 28 down...should be free but ....
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    Ion HD?

    Anybody know when the "rest of us "will be getting the rest of the HD's?? The PR release said "b y june" well we are fast approaching the end of june...i guess i am being just a little jaded...voom and cvc will do that to you. :)
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    what else is new!!

    I come back from the world of "lurkers" and the dead to say AMEN and DITTO brothers!! very upset with CV and i was one of their biggest supporters (CVC and Voom):mad:
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    Fuse Hd

    Cablevision owns Fuse--i wish they would match at the least match comcasts adds..and aim for D* Cablevision is really falling behind in HD
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    Tnt HD on 7/21/06 on channel 737

    Because it's the BEST HD on the air---(cable) the creme de le creme of HD (to show off to friends and neighbors alike..Untill it's on I won't be happy
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    HD or HD-lite

    Ask for an experienced installer or MGR. they do have them..I had 3 guys show up last year.Very good install.BUT still waiting for DISCOVERY HD and more--i think as i did when i last posted here they are out of SPACE unless they tinker
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    We Really Had It Great With Voom!!

    you can add me--i still have VOOM withdrawl what a shame
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    Disney Vaction Channel

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give us more HDTV and stop wasting space
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    Disturbing-protest NOW

    i read an article today in the WW2 the same thing happened,tratiors were on the propaganda stations(radio) of the germans and Japan,i think some were hung after the war. IF D* wastes ONE BIT of bandwith for this i will be gone ASAP ,if i cant get a replacement-I...
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    Need Help....Currently with D* Switching to IO Cablevision.

    welcome-i hope you enjoy it====It's not perfect and there will be some glitches,but i have found ALL HDTV has them and this picture is very good,and their non HD premium channels are also pretty high up(they give it good bandwith)compared to the other services.IO needs some more HD,like...
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    Planning for the Next Attack?

    err wrong--it was not pre emptive it was AFter they struck and too take the presure off here because the Famous monica dress was found sending a few cruise missles into a deserted camp, and destroying an asprin factory in Sudan just was like wacking the wasp nest! "Bin Laden wasn't a household...
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    Planning for the Next Attack?

    Maybe hate in this case is pure jealousy? Of wealth,freedom,turning deserts green,inventions,a good life(not hoping for 72 virgins upon death) etc etc etc Get over it, that part about Bush knowing about 9/11 and what he did at the school that day(i guess getting B.j's after the WTC was...
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    Planning for the Next Attack?

    Come on --he may be on vacation,(all presidents go on vacations,working--jfk Hyanis port-clinton,marthas vineyard etc etc)---and there may be another incident,but it's not connected it's about one thing only
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    Planning for the Next Attack?

    :trolls: Moonbat time
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    [CABLEVISION] new external drive

    discountech Hello: This is where i got my external drive--Very very nice guy and helpful--works fine,nice to have you here! BoB
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    August 2005 Voom Originals Highlights

    wow i am glad i dont have it anymore,but i have Cablevision IO and that is pretty good but also they dont care for HD for customers--it boils down to one thing-James Dolan has his nose up larry Browns you know what and he cares more about himself and PR then customers---
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    Need Help....Currently with D* Switching to IO Cablevision.

    tech should show you--yes i was a liitle simple on the 5th page of diagnostics there is a S/N ratio should be close to ZERO (plus or minus a few) DB
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    Need Help....Currently with D* Switching to IO Cablevision.

    check the signal to the set or have them re wire---for hdtv should read about 0db on the diagnostics screen
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    Wellllllllllll.........since I couldnt get the DVI port working on my computer....

    if you have bars on CBS it's not HD thats how it's broadcast on set up menu did you set up pass-thru or fixed???(i am not sure if your set will do that with cable card,just dont know anything about them
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    [CABLEVISION] new external drive