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    Yankees-Mets Blacked Out in Baltimore?

    I'm in Baltimore RSN. Can someone explain why Yankees-Mets on MLBN is blacked out? I know..probably a stupid question.
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    Picture Quality on Baltimore Locals

    The last two days picture quality on my Baltimore locals (especially WBAL-11, WJZ-13, and WBFF-45) has been awful. Almost looks like the picture is out of focus...the scene changes on the screen and for a second or two it will be completely bocked/pixelated and then seems to clear...but then...
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    Channel Keeps Disappearing from Favorites List

    I'm on S234. On my Hopper, one of the channels that I have in one of my favorites lists keeps disappearing from the Guide. When I edit the list and try to add it, it doesn't save it. If I un-select the channel next to it, then add both channels, it is saved - for some period of time, after...
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    Downloading Movies Through Satellite

    Is this feature - downloading movies through the satellite instead of the internet - available in the Hopper? I know it was announced early on but I haven't kept up and couldn't find anything here when I tried to search. Thanks in advance.
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    Baltimore Fox 45 Audio Issues

    Anyone else in the Baltimore area having audio issues with national feeds on WBFF Fox 45? The audio cuts in and out so badly it is completely unwatchable. Dish or local channel issue? It was happening last week too. Sent message to station but no response.
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    Baltimore WMAR HD in SD

    Anyone else from the Baltimore area having this issue? WMAR (channel 2) HD programming is being shown in SD? I contacted the station and it is not on their end...other providers are fine. Other Baltimore stations are OK. This has been happening for the last 2 days.