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    New to Direct TV (Install Question)

    Hello all.... I would like to set up my own DTV dish. I am thinking of getting one of the newest HD DVR receivers. I have been told to also get the Slimline SWM dish. I know that this dish feeds off of 5 different sats. My question is.... Is it possible for me to use a bunch of other...
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    Worth switching to BSC621-2D?

    Hi people... I am in Ontario and right now I have a 1m motorized dish with an Invacom LNB. I can reach from about 72W over to about 130W (+/-). Not finding much interest with what is offered on the Ku side of things and was told by a local installer that I can get some 'C' Band channels if I...
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    Need a good Sonicview 8000HD File

    I have the latest factory file loaded and I keep getting a "software message update required". It keeps losing signal on 83W and some others. Then comes back. If anyone can pass along a good working file for this receiver, it would be much appreciated! Thanks!!
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    No Tff TV on Coolsat 5000?

    Hi Guys.... Since RTV West is now Tuff TV, I now get a black screen on my Coolsat 5000, but my Sonicview 8000HD is fine. Is the CS not capable of this channel?
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    Where is RTV West??

    RTV East is coming in strong, but no RTV West. Funny thing is, signal meter is strong at about 90%, but no picture or sound. This has been going on for about 1 week now. Did I miss something?
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    HD channel list?

    Just wondering if there is a list comprising HD channels? Something that would list the channels and where they are found, either Ku or C band. Thanks
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    Latest Sonicview 8000HD file??

    Hi Guys, Just noticed tonight that my reciever is telling me to update to the latest file. Wont let me change channels or anything. Searching for the latest file, but I am not certain which it is. Can someone send it to me or tell me where I can get it? Thanks!!
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    RTV on Sonicview 9000HD?

    Hi guys, I am just in the midst of setting up a second receiver. It is the 9000HD. I find that it blind scans quite well. It finds a few extra channels than my main (slave) reciever, the Coolsat 5000. Only problem I have experienced so far (other than a very touchy remote!) is that it scans in...
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    Viewsat 9000hd Firmware

    I know that I have seen a link on the forum for the latest firmware...but a search cant find anything. It was up to version 4 (I believe). Right now my receiver says 1. Anyone have any leads?? Thanks!!
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    Viewsat 9000HD problems

    Just picked up this receiver in an effort to upgrade to HD. I am having difficulty getting it to recognize my set up. I had an Extreme 2000 hooked up to a 4x1 Disecq switch. Ports 1, 2 and 3 all go to there own individual LNB's. Port 4 was fed to a 22KHz switch to feed two more LNB's (one...
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    Can I get 'C' Band with my set-up?

    I have read before in some posts where people have had luck on some 'C' Band channels with smaller dishes. I realize that I would need the proper LNB, but is it just a matter of placing it next to my existing LNB? I am not sure if that may be too much weight for the motor. This is what I...
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    Sonicview 8000HD any good??

    Hi guys..... Someone has offered me a great price on this receiver. Wondering if it will improve my set up. I am currently running a Coolsat 5000 with a 39" Digiwave dish on a motor and Invacom. Will the Sonicview 8000 give me anything more than what I have? Any more visible channels that are...
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    RTV working right now?

    Can anyone tell me if RTN east/west is working right now. 7:30pm eastern. I have scanned for it 2 times now and it is not showing up.
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    Viewsat Extreme help...

    Hi guys.... I have been trying over the last few weeks to set up my Viewsat with a motorized dish. I have a question regarding the sat setup in the Viewsat. It may be hard to explain. I have been adding sats manually as I go (if it is not in the list) and blind scanning one by one. I started...
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    When and where to scan?

    I am new to FTA and am wondering if I can get some advice on when and where to find channels. I have a 36" motorized dish. Do sporting events such as hockey, footbal (NFL or college), baseball etc.. get thrown in on a temporary feed? If so, when and where should I scan? Any advice on where...
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    problems on set up

    Hi guys... I am trying to set up a motorized dish. I have an SG2100 motor and a 33" Fortec dish with a single LNB. If I run RG6 straight from the LNB to my Captain 7000 receiver, should I not see "Quality" even if I am not pointing to the correct spot for a sat? I have tried a couple...
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    Multiple Satellite connection

    Currently I have 2 lines coming in the house from a stationary dish. There is a 4x1 disec switch attached to both (so 4 Dual LNB's). I would like to add a motorized dish and leave the existing LNB's where they are (for other TV's in the house). So hopefully, one TV with a Viewsat will be able...
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    new here....some FTA questions

    Hello guys.... After having had enough now of cable bills, I have decided to have a look at what is available to me out there on the free side in orbit. I see that there are quite a few sats out there when I look at Lyngsat. It is hard to undrstand (for me anyway from that site) what is...