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    HBO and Dolby Digital

    Yes, I'm sure that wasn't it, as this lasted at least five minutes into the new episode. I've never experienced this before, normally the sound is 5.1 once into the new episode. Sounds like it was just me though. I have the recording from Sunday, so I'll investigate further.
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    HBO and Dolby Digital

    Did anyone have problems with the audio this past Sunday ("Battle of the Bastards")? For about the first five or ten minutes, I only had two channel audio, then it switched to 5.1 surround about five or ten minutes in. This was on HBO-E. Then again yesterday, we watched the replay on HBO-E...
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    Question - VIP 622 and the TV-2 output - grainy picture

    Try switching the modulation to a lower channel number. For years I had an SDTV connected to the TV2 output on my 622 and the picture was grainy. I just figured the signal from the modulator was a little weak. Then one day I changed the modulator to a lower channel number (something in the...
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    622 has never worked with separator - is it the LNBF or the receiver?

    Western arc 1000.2 has a triple Dish Pro Plus LNB. I've tried three different separators, with no luck.
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    622 has never worked with separator - is it the LNBF or the receiver?

    I've had a 622 receiver for years and it has never worked with a single cable fed into the DPP separator from my 1000.2. I've always had to run two separate cables from the 1000.2 to the 622's inputs, and not used the separator. It acts as though the band stacking/unstacking doesn't work...
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    Hopper Upgrades

    12+ year customer with one 622 and three 211 receivers. Interested in one hopper and one Joey to replace the 622 and one of the 211s. Have subscribed to minimum of AEP for entire time I have been a customer (currently AEP + sports). Please contact me regarding an upgrade. Not under contract...
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    VIP 722 QAM Mode

    This document says the 722 does support working in a QAM system (in conjunction with a Q-box to remodulate QAM to QPSK).
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    RG59 in the Bedroom

    Which of you posting in this thread have a degree in Electrical Engineering, and have some experience in designing high frequency circuits and transmission line analysis? I do. Some of you obviously don't, based on the idiotic statements being posted.
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    RG59 in the Bedroom

    I think you will be fine. I've got a 200 foot run with 75 feet of 20 year old RG-59 in the walls of my house, and my 211 runs fine on it. A two-tuner receiver would be questionable with the stacked frequencies (DPP), but for a single tuner receiver I think you'll be fine.
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    It was the stupid separator

    I was losing just one tuner on my 622 and found this thread. I ran two cables to my 622 and all was fine (can't find a separator locally). I tried to get one from Dish Network (I pay for the service plan) and this is what happened: (04-21rf#) Danielle A.5HL: are you losing signal...
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    Unutbu and other OS systems

    You're not looking hard enough.
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    Am I insane? Quality degradation w/ new dish

    MPEG-2 most definitely has interframe compression, otherwise it would just be like motion JPEG. MPEG-4 adds things like being able to pick from multiple frames for interframe compression, rather than just the previous one, and more flexible and powerful motion prediction options. I'm not...
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    Windows 7 "Beta" RC

    You're grossly misinformed.
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    Windows 7 "Beta" RC

    I don't believe this is a major issue for most people. I don't think I've ever launched the 64-bit version of IE on my 64-bit machines (the default is the 32-bit version), and AFAIK, every other browser is 32-bit, so I don't think many people are running into this. Why do you need to run a...
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    HD size on 622?

    The number displayed by the receiver is a worst case estimate. I've seen an hour of HD range from 8GB (full bit-rate OTA) to as little as 2GB (SyFy HD). Even when you restrict the comparison to one codec there is still a wide range - 5GB for the local ABC affiliate via Dish locals and 2GB for...
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    Am I insane? Quality degradation w/ new dish

    You're not wrong. The correct term is decode, not decrypt. OTA is not encrypted. Also, most midrange and higher TVs now have Internet connectivity and USB connections for media storage, so they are capable of decoding MPEG-4.2 (DivX/Xvid) and MPEG-4.10 (H.264/AVC) and maybe even VC-1, but...
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    Windows 7 "Beta" RC

    I'm an MSDN subscriber so I was able to upgrade from Windows 7 Ultimate RC x64 to Windows 7 Ultimate GM x64 pretty easily. I just edited that one ini file and everything went fine. The only problem was that my VMWare network adapters were deleted, and the VMWare networking services were...
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    McAfee keeps reinstalling itself

    That's not normal behavior. I have McAfee Antivirus Plus, which includes the security center, and it is very unobtrusive on Windows 7. That free version you got might be an older version. On an older laptop, with XP and an older version of McAfee, it's slightly more intrusive (I can see the...
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    Dish network called me a thief and cant live in a 2 floor house!

    Nice butchering of the English language. The word you're looking for is "algorithm".