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    Which Satellite Discussion Website do you prefer?

    Just a fun poll Witch satellite discussion site do you prefer? Witch site do you find more enjoyable and informative. What site do more frequently visit? SatelliteGuys or DBSTalk?
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    Got 267

    My 811 took the 267 download last nite. After reading reveiws of 267, it appears that it wasnt much of an upgrade. However, now my OTA-NBC Channel(along with my OTA-PBS) does not lock. Gets stuck at 49%. WTF, it seems their "software" upgrades are actually downgrades. 267 made my OTA reception...
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    Problem w/DP TWin getting hot

    QUOTE:Now talking about a specific problem one model of Dish Pro Twin LNB's has because of heat. Its isolated to one model number. I guess the LNB works sometimes but when it gets hot its starts acting flakey. Anymore info on a "model #" or Certain serial # maybe. Or just any other info...