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    622 nightly download

    I was wondering does the 622 do a soft reboot nightly when it gets its new guide or only when it gets a software update?
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    Does this statement look right?

    Heres my new statement since my 622 upgrade. I was hoping for around $100.00??? New Monthly Charge(s) 03/22 to 04/21 DISH NETWORK DVR SERVICEFEE 5.98 LEASED RECEIVER FEE 5.0 DISHHD SILVER W/ LOCALS 64.99 AMERICA'S TOP 180 WITH PARTIAL MONTH(S) 02/25-03/21 -49.09 DISH NETWORK DVR...
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    Transponder help?

    I have a new dish 1000 and my 129 signal ranges from upper 50's to lower 70's on transponder 30. When I change transponders I can sometimes get it up to 80's, should I change the transponders? I dont even know what they are and if I should mess with the default of 30? Someone help me out and how...
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    Dish HD locals?

    Are dishes hd locals broadcast 24/7 in hd are only when a show is presented in hd? like is it upconverting all shows? Jason
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    I thought Dallas was #7 on the locals list?

    I see tomorrow they are launching 7 new HD local networks on dish, what happened to Dallas!!!!???? I thought the list said they were number 7??? When can I ditch my Off Air antenna?? Jason
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    Installers opinion?

    I'm getting a 622 installed tomorrow and have only one dish 500 so I know I need another dish for HD programming. The work order doesnt say anything about a dish according to dish CSR's but says I'm getting a dual tuner HD receiver and getting HD programming. Now will the installer bring another...
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    622: dish 1000 or lnbf change?

    I'm getting my 622 installed Saturday and the work order doesnt say anything about a dish 1000 or any dish, do you guys think since I only have the 622 plus one other 508 receiver they will just swap my dish pro twin lnbfs on my current dish 500 for a new dish pro plus twin lnbf and add a 2nd...
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    Is Dish 1000 required for 622 to be installed?

    I heard you must use a 1000 to even get the installer to activate the 622, is this true? Jason
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    Dpp Lnb??

    If I have a dish 500 right now with DP lnbs can I just change those lnbs to a set of dpp lnbs and be able to feed a dual tuner receiver? If is that easy with no additional aiming of the dish? Jason
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    Worried about 622 install this Saturday

    I got my 622 ready to install and the installer is coming this Saturday the 25th and I called Dish a minute ago to see if they could give me the installers phone number so I can verify he's bringin the right stuff. The tech could not give me the info but said they would probably bring a second...
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    Will all installers call before coming?

    I just got my 622 Friday and I'm awaiting my install this coming saturday the 25th of my dish 1000 and 622. Will the installer call a day or 2 ahead to confirm? I hope so cause I need to make sure they have the right hardware. Jason
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    622 remote, format button?

    How does this format button in the lower left of the remote work? Jason
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    Single mode, do I need 2nd remote?

    If I'm only gonna use my 622 on one tv in single mode can I sell the 2nd remote or is needed for the install?
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    Got Tracking on ???

    An empty box!!?? 2 lbs. LOL The tech at dish said I should have my 622 by the 23rd and if not call them back as my install date is the 25th. We shall see Jason
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    Anyone have tracking number for 622

    Was wondering if anyone successfully obtained a tracking number for their 622? Jason
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    Ordering DishHD package when 622 arrives?

    I was told by the CSR when ordering my 622 that I will be getting the dishhd gold pack even though I didnt ask for it. I currently have the top 180 w/ locals. I asked her if I could get the silver instead and she said I could change once they install the receiver. Is that true? Jason
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    Is your 622 coming to you or is the installer bringing it?

    I was told I would get my 622 before the installer gets here!!! :) I assume that means next week maybe. My install date is Feb 25th. Jason
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    Please verify that 622 rebate in April is legit?

    I currently have a 510 pvr receiver and have seen a couple of postings that if you wait til April you can get $200 off the 622 no matter what receiver you have, Is this 100 % true? If not I'm gonna go ahead with the $299.00 offer. But if its true you would be crazy not to wait til April...