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  1. jcarrera

    BHN web site displays exceptional professionalism

    Every time I try to login to MyServices at BHN, I get this.. Your account has been updated with your customer code. Changes will take effect on your next login. Please logout and sign in to access phone service related applications. So I logout, and sign back in, and get Your account has been...
  2. jcarrera

    All stations go to B&W

    What is the most likely cause if all stations suddenly change to B&W? Turning TV and cable box off and back on brings the color back. (Using S_Video from STB to AVR and from AVR to TV.)
  3. jcarrera

    Where Can Preference Be Set To Show Latest Post At Top?

    Where can Preference be set to show latest post at top (reverse chronological order)? I looked in the preferences section but I do not see it there. Can you point me to where that is?
  4. jcarrera

    Why no option to "record series?"

    cfl Brevard. I just scrolled the guide over to Monday, ch 3, 9pm, to set a DVR recording for the series 24: Live Another Day. But when I press select, neither 'record series' nor 'record series with options' is shown in the list of what I can do. ???
  5. jcarrera

    DVR 'locked"

    Just Hit list button, selected a saved reconding and then play. Everything is frozen. There is a title bar and black screen. No button does anything. Cannot turn DVR off. Oops...wait...DVR just rebooted itself. Cool. LATER: OK. It sorted itself out after the reboot. That was weird.
  6. jcarrera

    Suddenly can't see part of the scene

    We watch Family Feud a lot. Suddenly, tonight, the right edge is no longer visible. I know this because, at the end of the show, the view includes a score board. Now we cannot see the second digit in the right hand column when it is a 2-digit number. Three shows in a row (re-runs always) had...
  7. jcarrera

    Instructions on viewing DVR

    If you record, say, 3 hours of something, when you start to view it, is there any way to instantly jump ahead to, for example, the 2 hour point?
  8. jcarrera

    An offered suggestion

    Yep, it is me, complaining again... But please take this simply as an offered suggestion: It is awful to be scrolling through the guide, see something that sounds interesting, select it... THEN FIND IT IS NOT WATCHABLE IN YOUR SET OF PURCHASED STUFF! (and there are places where there are...
  9. jcarrera

    Remote manual download does not provide right file

    On this page the manual you get when you click to download the 1056 and the OCAP remote are the same... look at the url when you click on each one, same same...
  10. jcarrera

    Programming remote not working

    Remote is 1056B01 The one in fam rm has failed. I grabbed the one from living room to use until I can swap this one. I need to program it to control volume via the receiver amplifier (as the broken one did). I found these instructions: Locking Volume Control To One Mode (Global Volume...
  11. jcarrera

    How do I block Al Jababble channels from coming into my house?

    How do I block Al Jababble channels from coming into my house?
  12. jcarrera

    Does BHN cfl have ESPNU?

    Does BHN cfl have ESPNU? Channel? via app?
  13. jcarrera

    How do I set the DVR to record WHITE COLLAR

    How do I set the DVR to record WHITE COLLAR starting Thursday, October 17 at 9/8c on ch39, USA? ...will be out of town well before that, so can't input it when reachable on the guide. I tried to scroll the guide over to that date, but it stops at 9/30. I would not care if other useless stuff...
  14. jcarrera

    Why do HD channels display OK on non-HD TV sets?

    Why do HD channels display OK on non-HD TV sets?
  15. jcarrera

    Must express thanks <<---- sarcasm

    Had DVR set to record Fox and Friends starting at 0600 this morning. There was to be something on at 0615 that I wanted to see. Just got home and played it....about 10 seconds was recorded. That's it. Thanks BHN. Very lovely. I assume I will still pay my entire bill, including the DVR...
  16. jcarrera

    When and where is the David Phelps presentation?

    Saw something in the paper saying a David Phelps concert would be at 10PM, 7-26, on PBS. cfl PBS schedule WUCF does not show it. Where and when is this available please?
  17. jcarrera

    BHN excellent reliability

    Since I am so quick to write about things I think are wrong or silly, it is only fair to speak up when things are good. BHN has provided fantastically reliable service for quite some time now. Kudos are deserved.
  18. jcarrera

    Suddenly, frequently getting 'channel not available'

    I am Suddenly, frequently getting 'channel not available'. This had not happened to me in a long over a year. What could be the reason?
  19. jcarrera

    Why does bill have a Sunday due date?

    Why does bill have a Sunday due date? I know: the computer did it. And we all know it is impossible to program computers to know what days fall on a Sunday.
  20. jcarrera

    Voting for new channels

    Does BHN have a place where we can put in our votes for new channels?