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  1. KyDave

    Monthly cost difference from 722K to either HWS+Joey or H3+Joey

    Been holding on to my 722K for many years and has served us well. Have held off upgrading to Hoppers due to (perceived?) increase in monthly cost. Have been exploring an upgrade (Hopper+Joey) lately. Have been a sub since '97. Wanting to confirm what my monthly increase would be. For some...
  2. KyDave

    Man ‘Controlled By Satellites’ Makes 100 Calls To 911 In A Month, Vows To Continue

    Hmm, wonder if he is a poster here..... :) ..... He claims to believe his body is controlled by satellites. “My brain, I can feel it starting. I’m blasted by the signals, every couple of minutes,” he said. “I yell and I scream, ‘Stop it, I don’t need this,’ but they never listen.” ...
  3. KyDave

    Cable internet installation question

    Considering switching from dsl to cable internet, and was wondering if anyone might know this. I would like them to use a coax from outside the house to the spot in my home where my current router setup is. My concern is that it is wired from 1997, and I think it is likely rg59 rather than...
  4. KyDave

    Joey on SD tv

    I'm sure this is likely to be another one of those 'we won't know until they are released....' threads, but just in case someone already noticed this at CES. Was wondering about viewing the DVR RECORDINGS list on an SD tv with a Joey. I'm just thinking that the view using snapshots of each...
  5. KyDave

    Switching to EA dish soon...

    I will be switching to an EA dish this coming Saturday. Question for those that have already been through this - how will this affect my timers on local SAT delivered channels? For example, if I have a timer on my local 36-0 (SD on Western Arc) what channel number will the new HD local be...
  6. KyDave

    Google Desktop - how did it index my Yahoo email?

    Just installed Google Desktop and was a bit surprised that it had indexed all of my Yahoo emails. When I set it up, it never prompted me for my Yahoo account and/or password. Does anyone know how it did this? Perhaps stored passwords in Firefox?
  7. KyDave

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  8. KyDave

    Lexington, KY HD LIL info

    I saw this pdf letter posted on our NBC affiliate's website. They are bickering with TWC over carriage disputes. Anyway, the last sentence in this letter basically indicates that E* and D* will be adding their HD local channel in the next several weeks. Great news, especially for our Fox...
  9. KyDave

    Is there a shortcut to toggle closed captions on/off for the 622?

    Just curious - if not, that would be a nice enhancement. I sometimes find it useful for dialog that for whatever reason I can't understand (talking to low, etc.) Menu, 8, 8, 1, then left arrow, etc. is somewhat a hassle (but not a huge deal) to turn them on/off. This way it could work more...
  10. KyDave

    DVR recording question

    I have a 622 and was curious about how something works. I have a program from Disney Channel that I record for the kids. It has about 3 seasons of shows (and is still being made). I figured I could set it up to RECORD ALL and not have to worry about it ever repeating a recording. I assumed...
  11. KyDave

    622 Wish List

    (If another thread already exists like this than please let me know - I couldn't find one.) I've had mine since Saturday. Never used a DVR before and I am like a kid in a candy store. Love it. Here a a few things I think could make the 622 even better. Feel free to add any others. 1...
  12. KyDave

    Minimum programming for 622

    I just got one this past weekend and mentioned it to some other people. Once all the $10/10 month rebates have expired I have been asked what the minimum $$'s per month could be. They mostly watch network stuff but love the HD DVR capability. Would you be able to keep the 622 with charges like...
  13. KyDave

    AT&T Launches Live Broadband TV Service

    Interesting....they mention Slingbox in the article, also. By BRUCE MEYERSON NEW YORK (AP) - AT&T Inc. (T) is launching an Internet TV service where subscribers can watch live cable channels such as Fox News on any computer with a broadband connection for $20 per month. The AT&T...
  14. KyDave

    Slingbox - $157 Shipped

    (credit Slingbox system which sends your TV over the Internet so you can watch it from an Internet connection, for $150 after coupon code DISH2006, plus around $7 for shipping. Click here:
  15. KyDave

    322 tv2 coax question

    Thinking about buying 322 for inlaws. (They currently have one model 2700, and already have an addtional line from the sat. routed in and ready for connection.) I know that tv2 can be setup to use a channel in the range 21-69. My question relates to the ota antenna in on the back of the...
  16. KyDave

    Will a Dish500 mast work for a Dish1000?

    ......or is a new mast required? A few people have asked me and I didn't know for sure. Thanks.
  17. KyDave

    ViP222 - Is there a special upgrade for this?

    A lot was discussed for upgrading an 811 to a 211. But I am interested in the 222. We currently just have a single receiver (811) and getting an additonal tuner for no extra fee looks great. Are there any upgrade specials for this box? Or will it be used for new customers only.
  18. KyDave

    Simpsons Season 6 DVD Set - $10 after rebate!

    (Don't know what happened to the post, but here it is again.) Today only, it appears. At FYE. Reg price is 29.99. A $20 mail in rebate is available. I would print this off TODAY as they might not have it available later. Use code 15FF2005 at checkout for 15% discount for even better deal...
  19. KyDave

    Firefox 1.5 and Satelliteguys Deals

    I recently started using Firefox. When I click on the DEALS link, it gives an error and aborts the whole browser. Anyone else have the same problem?
  20. KyDave

    Hoyle Card Games - work on home network?

    Would like to purchase a card game package that will work on a local network. Texas Holdem, Hearts, spades, etc. I've look online at the Hoyle package and it doesn't appear to work like this. I can remember in the early-mid 90's where I worked people would play hearts on win3.1 against each...