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  1. Fiveft20in

    Nexstar, DISH Network reach multi-year agreement

    They finally kissed and made up! Nexstar, DISH Network reach multi-year agreement | WGN-TV
  2. Fiveft20in

    Hopper Apps

    A week ago, I upgraded from a 722 to a 1-Hopper/2-Joey setup. Everything is working great except the Apps. When I try to access the Apps, either through the menu or by using the blue hot button, I get a message reading 404 - Not Found. I assumed that additional downloads over the first...
  3. Fiveft20in

    Return Equipment to Reduce Monthly Bill?

    There has been a lot of discussion here about the rate increases for extra receivers. On one hand, Dish is getting a lot of extra revenue from people who are paying for multiple receivers. On the other hand, there has to be a lot of revenue lost from people like me who downgraded their service...
  4. Fiveft20in

    Volume Control

    This may not be news to some but I think others will find it helpful. I did not install the speakers on my new TV; all sound runs through my A/V receiver. The TV volume control does not affect the audio output to the receiver. I wanted to use my DISH remote to control the volume on the A/V...
  5. Fiveft20in

    Charlie Talks About New HD in 2008

    From the Madison, Wisconsin, Capital Times, in an article about Charter Communications' quarterly loss: LinkErgen said DISH will have 100 national HD networks and local HD channels in 100 markets by the end of 2008, up from about 70 national HD networks and local HD in 34 markets at the end...