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  1. kschramm

    Poor HD picture quality

    THE HD quality on the HR24 is not as good as the HD quality direct from the antenna signal. I was watching the Redskins on my local Fox affiliate WTTG Channel 5 with my HR24 receiver which is hooked to the TV via HDMI. The HD quality was awful on both the satellite signal channel 5 and...
  2. kschramm

    Adding Digital Sub Channels to AM21 OTA receiver

    One of the local channels in Baltimore added a digital sub today. "Cool TV" channel 54-2. Does anyone know how to manually add channels to the AM21 receiver?
  3. kschramm

    adding high Band VHF antenna to existing setup

    see attached picture. I have a UHF antenna. with pre-amplifier and rotor I want to add a high band VHF antenna. I was thinking of either a Winegard YA 1713 Prostar or a Clearstream5. I have several questions... 1. Can I mount the new high band VHF below my UHF antenna? 2. Do I combine...
  4. kschramm

    Tipping the installer

    My D* was installed this week. pretty easy setup. two HR24's hooked up via HDMI no wiring through house was necessary, he was here about 1 1/2 hour. All I had on me was a $20 so that it what I tipped. Yesterday another guy came out to install the broadband DECA (I didn't realize I needed...
  5. kschramm

    error 22, HR24-500

    I got the internet system installed on my new D* service today. I have MRV with two HR24-500's. I can utilize the DIRECTV2PC feature to its full use. I can access and download on demand movies. However I can't access any of the "active" stuff, I get the no internet detected error #22. I...
  6. kschramm

    6 things I like about my new Direct TV service

    I just made the switch from E* to D*. My equipment was installed yesterday. I have Whole home DVR. One HR24 receiver is in the living room and another HR24 is in the bedroom. Here is a list of 6 things I like so far about Direct TV. 1. The remote control: very easy to set and plays...
  7. kschramm

    D* HR24, connecting to the Internet

    Ordered D* online on Monday July5th. Installer came first thing Thursday morning July 8th. I ordered two HR24's for MRV. One in the bedroom and the other in the living room. Everything is working great. Installer did a great job. So now I want to connect my HR24 in the living room to the...
  8. kschramm

    OTA channels with D*

    I just canceled my E* account. I really enjoyed how my Vip622 with E* had integrated OTA tuner. I have read that i need a separate tuner for OTA. My questions is. does it integrate with the DVR, can i record shows and stuff? do i have to switch inputs on my tv or does it plug into the HD DVR?
  9. kschramm

    East Coast Snow = Outage?

    Anyone in the Mid Atlantic lose their dish signal due to the snow.? I have not and I am amazed. I thought for sure I would have to climb up on the roof and clear the snow.
  10. kschramm

    unable to watch live tv via

    Is anyone able to watch "live TV" via I have a vip622, slingbox pro. I am able to watch via you would think if it works on one site it would work on the other
  11. kschramm

    online scheduling feature ?????

    I noticed a new option on my VIp622 the following Menu..Installation..Broadband Setup..Web Activation..Enter receiver Nickname, go to Dish On Line, create an online account and use online scheduling feature. I followed directions. The Vip622 is connected to my router. I set up my...
  12. kschramm

    what to do with a C-band Dish?

    I am clearing out my grandparents home in Western MD and there is a huge dish in the backyard. I am assuming it is C-band. In the house there are two receiver looking devices and a remote control. I remember they bought the system in the mid 80's. We could watch everything from premium...