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  1. stogie5150

    New 24" Actuator

    From what I have been able to discern... "windynation" is an alternative energy supply retailer. I've read that 'our' actuators and sometimes dish mounts are used with banks of solar panels to 'follow the sun' with the actuator as the day goes by. I saw that actuator on big amazon too and was...
  2. stogie5150

    TBS 5925 Vs TBS 5927

    Well, that seals that...Thanks for the info...Guess I will sit on what I have, I dont use my card a whole lot so....Thanks for the opinion. 5925's are discontinued anyway...
  3. stogie5150

    TBS 5925 Vs TBS 5927

    Hardware differences between them? I see that the 5925 will tune DSS, will the 5927 tune DSS? I am looking to get a new USB tuner, my 5922 SE is getting kinda long in the tooth. I use DVBViewer if that matters.
  4. stogie5150

    The old days when satellite C-band was not legal yet 1984

    I am currently sitting next to a box filled with old STV magazines from the 80's. When my Mom passed I found them in her attic. Apparently I keep EVERYTHING. LOL... I look at them with what we had back then....
  5. stogie5150

    Edision Edision Multi-finder

    I dont know about the Southshore, but here on the Northshore I havent seen a dish over 5 feet that I'd even be bothered to ask about in YEARS. I know where there's ONE 10 foot dish that I would bother to get but nobody is ever there, PLUS its 20 feet in the air and I don't do heights. The few...
  6. stogie5150

    Edision Edision Multi-finder

    Youre not getting my dish. LOL
  7. stogie5150

    Orbitron 10ft Teardown

    Id bet the reflector will move without taking it apart, and it wont be that heavy. I'd go put some PB Blaster on all the bolts a couple days before I get the dish, or I'd plan to bring big breaker bars and break some bolts off. The mount will be heavier, and you can take it apart some after you...
  8. stogie5150

    Just received a Channel Master 84E with dual LNB holder.

    I am pretty sure those were for two Primestar satellites, I don't think the distance is right for any satellites we look at. I have three or four of the 84E dishes and I just made a bracket out of flatbar steel I had laying around. ALL of the plastic hardware on those dishes gets brittle after...
  9. stogie5150

    Well...I was wondering how long it would take..Unable to load images

    OKAY I used filezilla to put a copy of the TNAP image on the box itself because I couldnt find the USB anywhere, then used open atv to flash TNAP on the box. Success, I am looking at TNAP now. :) I want to try open pli next, but that will be another day. I am spent for today. :)
  10. stogie5150

    Well...I was wondering how long it would take..Unable to load images

    Edison does not see the folder 'images' when I choose flash online. All it shows is openatv online updates.
  11. stogie5150

    Well...I was wondering how long it would take..Unable to load images

    I was running openATV on slot 3, had TNAP on slot 1 and satdream on slot 2. Did the online update on ATV ( yeah I remember now from my dreambox days, a BAD idea, but it is what it is I did it, i know I shouldnt have but I did.) The Mio wouldnt boot TNAP on slot 1 or Satdream on 2, it went to...
  12. stogie5150

    Streaming to mobile/ Edison/OpenATV

    Just an update...the vuplus app does work for video but any AAC audio is a nogo, which is what I wanted it for. Odd since apple is on love with the format...go figure.
  13. stogie5150

    11ft Fiberglass Dish - Star View Systems

    Those old systems were built like tanks. I have my parents first dish circa 1981 and it was so overbuilt it was just comical. The dishes themselves were so heavy they eventually droop like a teardrop, some of them so bad you can SEE it, much less the massive gap in the strings when ya string it...
  14. stogie5150

    Streaming to mobile/ Edison/OpenATV

    I've not had any luck with the Oplayer acts like its opening the stream, then does nothing. I will continue trying to find a solution.
  15. stogie5150

    Streaming to mobile/ Edison/OpenATV

    I'll look into some of those. Thanks y'all.
  16. stogie5150

    Streaming to mobile/ Edison/OpenATV

    Got my Edison. Fantastic box, light years better than the old Dreamboxes I tried a few years ago. Thanks Brian for doing the hard work on this. Enjoying very much the webif interface and all it brings in flexibility, etc. I have settled on OpenATV on my box, I like it and it seems to work...
  17. stogie5150

    DirecTV - Self install, new account?

    Last time I got directv I had the pole down, dish aimed and it all wired. Installer asked me if I wanted a job. I told him no what I wanted was the boxes he had on his truck then he could drink the bottle of water I gave him while I hooked it up then he could make his phone call to activate...
  18. stogie5150

    New Model Release: OS MIO+ 4K S2X + S2

    Okay Brian ya sold me...after the disaster I had with the Dreamboxes years ago I been leery about trying them again....I havent bought a new box in a couple years so...order placed. :-)
  19. stogie5150

    Infomercials... who puts them on?

    Hang in there Brother some of we old guys still lurk...
  20. stogie5150

    Does anybody have info on this dish?

    That's PROBABLY a 1m Primestar dish. I have four of them. The LNB gives it away. Its a keeper, grab it. Hard to motorize, but it can be done with enough backyard engineering or a big enough motor. Or both.