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  1. kenny911

    MIA Members

    Just was browsing an old thread and noticed Neutron hasn't posted or visited in over a year. Is he ok? Just unusual for someone to drop out like that.
  2. kenny911

    Pioneer 101fd.. Should I buy it?

    I can get a 50" kuro for $3k right now brand new at Best Buy. Not sure if I should pull the trigger or not. Moving into a new house so I need a tv because my 32" Samsung isn't going to cut it.
  3. kenny911

    Thanksgiving Recipes

    Sounds like we got some chefs in here. Throw out some recipes for Thanksgiving side dishes. I know I'll be using the corn bread one I found.
  4. kenny911


    Looking for a good recipe. The ones out of the box are usually really dry.
  5. kenny911

    Automatically changes channel to 101

    Sometimes when I'm viewing my local channels on satellite 118 I will be watching tv and then all of a sudden it changes the channel to 101. It happens everyday and multiple times. This just started within the past month its beginning to annoy me. Anyone have any solutions to what may be...
  6. kenny911

    Is HD radio dead?

    There was a push to make it mainstream last year and even all the radio stations in my area would say that they were broadcasting in HD radio. Now I don't hear any of those promos anymore and little news has come out. It sounded like a neat idea at first (improving the sound of am stations)...
  7. kenny911

    Remote control problem on 211 receiver

    The remote control in my living room is giving me major problems. Every few minutes when I go to switch the channel, instead of switching the dish station, it switches the station on my tv which takes me from component output to tv output. Then I have to push tv/video on my remote to get back...
  8. kenny911

    Comcast speed upgrade

    This new powerboost is working all the time. I'm downloading at 25-30 mbits for the length of the download. Just a heads up for anyone with comcast.
  9. kenny911

    Need help with skew

    Bought a dishpro 500 and was wondering what the skew should be set since I'm trying to get a signal from both 91 and 82... For Nimiq1, I get 8.6 (Positive skew value) For Nimiq 2, I get -1.2 (negative skew value) So do I do (1.2 + 8.6) divide by 2=4.9... turn it to 94.9 8.6-1.2 divide...
  10. kenny911

    Greek super package problems

    I subscribed to the Greek super package today which is the first day it has been listed on the website. Unfortunately, one of the channels in the package is in red and the CR are giving me the run around claiming I need another dish etc... I kindly asked for them to relay my message to someone...
  11. kenny911

    BBC World

    I was reading an article the other day talking about BBC World trying to enter the US market and they were talking with cable/satellite companies. Anyone know if Dishnetwork is talking and if they will add this channel? It would be a nice news option since they actually show world news unlike...
  12. kenny911

    Adding a 5th receiver

    Ok fellas, here is my problem. I have a dp34 switch that connects 2 standard receivers and a 622. I want to add another receiver. Do I just buy another dp 34 switch? and connect the cable "to additional switch" and connect them together? Sorry if this sounds stupid but I'm a civil engineer :)
  13. kenny911

    Please tell me what I need for my configuration

    Here is what I have Dish 811 Dish 211 Dish 622 Dish pointed at 110/119 Dish pointed at 61.5 What do I need for this connection? I'm so confused.
  14. kenny911

    I just joined the darkside

    Well after noticing digital platinum + internet hit over $200, I decided it was time for a change. Called up att for dsl and dishnetwork for the dishhd platinum package and I'm going to save $70 month. The only thing that sucked was having to fork out $50 to lease a 211 and then buying a 622...
  15. kenny911

    Who has the highest cable/satellite bill?

    Who has the highest tv bill per month excluding internet access? Right now I'm paying around $100 a month for comcast digital with sports package + 3 hd receivers + $20 a month to dishnetwork for an international channel which totals $120 a month.
  16. kenny911

    Just wondering what people think of "The Pit"

    Is it just one huge flame war with the same 3-4 people? Do people get anything positive out of it?
  17. kenny911

    globecast question

    I am interested in getting globecast for setanta sports and noticed the dish they have is $100. Do I need to use that dish? Could I buy an 18" dish? I live in Michigan.
  18. kenny911

    Is their anyway to get 2 HD receivers?

    Here is my problem. I've been a sub for 8 years to only international channels. Never have I subbed to American channels. I wanted to move over to dishnetwork but the CSR wouldn't budge so I asked to gently speak to a supervisior. What a bitch! She wouldn't budge. How can you treat your...
  19. kenny911

    ESPN2HD and UniversalHD coming...

    To comcast. Their is a sticky about it at avsforum. The problem is that it depends on region bandwidth so if your city doesn't have the bandwidth you will have to wait longer.
  20. kenny911

    Scott Greczkowski Appreciation Thread

    Thanks for all of your hard work, Scott!