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  1. classic cartoon fan

    Looking at maybe upgrading antenna

    Hello everyone! It has been awhile. I have gone cable and satellite free and now stream and utilize over the air channels. I now live in the Raleigh, NC area. I have the antenna approx 35' (the Winegard 2-Bay Bowtie UHF and High Band VHF TV Antenna (HD-1080) ). I pick up the Raleigh stations...
  2. classic cartoon fan

    OTA antenna recommendations for my brother's house

    Hello everyone, It has been awhile since I have posted on here. My brother recently dropped satellite and is wanted to get OTA and I'm not sure what to recommend for him exactly. It's looking the Cleveland stations are his best bet, but it's not going to be real easy due to the hilly terrain...
  3. classic cartoon fan

    Can't get 21.1 ir/UHF remote to work on hopper

    I busted my hopper 40.0 remote and I bought this 21.1 at Target to replace it (nobody had 40.0 remotes). I did a google search and searched on here and found an older forum that someone had success programming the 21.1 to work on the hopper. I followed those directions including switching the...
  4. classic cartoon fan

    College football games at home

    This has probably been asked before, but I couldn't find much when I search for some info. I'm a big Buckeye fan that just recently moved to North Carolina and I have Dish of course. I just wanted to know if I can watch most Buckeye games here if I order the Multi Sport Pack or get ESPN game...
  5. classic cartoon fan

    Moved to new area.

    Hey everyone! It has been awhile since I have posted on here. My wife and I recently moved to North Carolina from Ohio and I'm looking to put up a new antenna. I really don't want to go with rabbit ears. It will probably have to be an attic mounted antenna b/c we live in a little...
  6. classic cartoon fan

    Multi-sport pack

    Does anyone know anything about this or have this? The website says its $9 a month and includes 20 regional sports networks. This doesn't mean I get to watch more MLB games, or does it? I would like to have STO channel 431, can this be purchased by itself? Dish's website isn't very clear on...
  7. classic cartoon fan

    Opinions on pulling in stations 70-80 miles away

    I am using a Winegard 1713YA for lone VHF out of Cincy, Antennas Direct 91xg for UHF, Winegard HDP 269 pre-amp, and CM 9521a rotator. They are located on the roof top of a large farm house (2 story) without any tree obstruction in the Columbus, Ohio direction. I have the winegard and 91xg...
  8. classic cartoon fan

    54" V10

    I went ahead and got the 54" V10 Panny and so far love it. The only question I have is should I calibrate the TV? If so, should I do it manually, which I'm looking at because it's cheaper, or should I have it professionally done?
  9. classic cartoon fan

    Channel master rotor problems

    Ever since this bitter cold weather hit us in Ohio (currently 13 degrees F) my antenna rotor has not been able to budge. I pressed the sync button and it still didn't do anything. I last used it on Wed the 30th with no problems, but today haven't been able to get it to do anything. This a...
  10. classic cartoon fan

    Upgrade to HD DVR info

    At some point and time I would like to upgrade to an HD DVR from a SD DVR. Should I buy one on my own or call DTV to have one installed by them? Will they extend my contract when I upgrade to an HD DVR and will there be a fee for upgrading, besides the $10 a month stupid HD fee? Please...
  11. classic cartoon fan

    Deciding what plasma to get.

    Well, its down to two tvs that I would like to get; The 50" Panny plasma TCP50G15 or the 50" Sammy plasma PN50B860. Its just waiting for the right time to buy. Anyone have any suggestions otherwise?
  12. classic cartoon fan

    what did the thunderstorm do?

    Early tuesday morning strong thunderstorms come through the area with high winds and heavy rains. Ever since OTA has been weak or no signal at all especially the ones coming out of cincy. Dayton is fine prolly because its so close. I went up on the roof and checked the cables and they seemed...
  13. classic cartoon fan

    Antenna for work breakroom

    I work at Tractor Supply in eaton, ohio and our break room tv is hooked up to rabbit ears and we only get ch. 26 the CW out of Dayton and sometimes it will drop out. The break room is on the east side of the building on the first floor and on the side that the TV towers are located. All I...
  14. classic cartoon fan

    antenna rotator for 91-XG

    What antenna rotator does any recommend for the 91-XG? Thanks
  15. classic cartoon fan

    Yamaha receiver AM antenna

    I didn't know where to put this, so I started here. I have a Yamaha receiver and I think the AM antenna sucks. Does anyone recommend a different antenna or something else that I can do to help improve the signal?
  16. classic cartoon fan

    Indians local TV and radio broadcasts

    1. Does anyone know if any other local TV stations in Ohio will be broadcasting the Indians besides WKYC channel 3? Channel 53 out of Columbus used to I believe, but I don't think they are anymore:( 2. Does anyone also know of what radio stations are broadcasting the Indians? I checked...
  17. classic cartoon fan

    Winegard 7697P

    I haven't been able to find any information on what the range in miles is on this antenna. Also will it hurt my really close locals that according to has a dB of 65.9 on down? Since it says that this antenna has higher gains in dB. Someone from solid signal recommend I get this...
  18. classic cartoon fan

    Help getting new TV in future

    I was looking into getting a new tv around the 46" size sometime in the coming months. I prefer Plasmas over LCDs b/c I think they have a better picture. We do have a little bit of background lighting going on in our living room. I have Directv and will be watching movies, sports,DVDs...
  19. classic cartoon fan

    Zenith PDP

    I have a Zenith 2004 PDP 42" model # P42W46X. For a little while now there has been lines going from bottom to top on the right hand side of the TV. It has been gradually getting worse over time. The warranty is long expired. I've done everything right to it, including handling it right...
  20. classic cartoon fan

    Directv 11 reciever

    I'm looking into getting a D* 11 reciever for the bedroom. Would this be a good reciever to have? I was also wondering about the D* 10 reciever. Whats the difference between the 11 and the 12?