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  1. Fiveft20in

    Nexstar, DISH Network reach multi-year agreement

    They finally kissed and made up! Nexstar, DISH Network reach multi-year agreement | WGN-TV
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    Hopper 3 issues

    Ours, too. I just came here to see if anyone else was having the same issue.
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    new to dish/dvr

    Get a Hopper 3. Create one folder for you and one for her. When you set a program to record, you can designate which folder, if any, you want it to be saved to. You can also move recordings from one folder to another after the fact.
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    Song Name Game Part 3!

    Dancing in the Dark - Bruce Springsteen
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    dish network unifoms

    Not judging; all in good fun. Sorry it didn't come across as it was intended. Great choice to put family first!
  6. Fiveft20in

    dish network unifoms

    My money is on Arby's.
  7. Fiveft20in

    Sinclair to buy Fox Regional Sports

    I started reading your post and thought, "sounds just like us." Then I read more and realized we're watching the same stations! :)
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    About to jump from DTV to Dish - questions

    This question is hotly debated here and elsewhere but, honestly, I have never been able to distinguish a difference in PQ. Hopper 3 is an awesome product. Occasionally (but rarely), I run into an issue that requires a red button reset, but then all is well with the world. I don't use Dish...
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    Justice Tv now on 252

    Clearly, my lame attempt at humor was lost on you (but thanks for the info, anyway). :)
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    Justice Tv now on 252

    Two questions: 1. When do you think they will add it in HD? 2. Is there an app for that?
  11. Fiveft20in

    what new apps you would like to see next on the hopper 3 dvr?

    I'd like an app that encourages people to actually watch and enjoy what is available instead of complaining about what is not.
  12. Fiveft20in

    Protecting hopper from surges, power outages

    Just curious, where did you get that information? I don't recall ever seeing or hearing that before. I have an APC 1250 that I use with mine. We have frequent power blips where we live. The UPS keeps recordings intact and saves us from waiting through a long reboot, which can be most annoying...
  13. Fiveft20in

    Dish 50.0 (Voice remote)

    Thanks, Scuzzi. Your strategy worked for me, as well, although I had to be considerably more persistent!
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    Ask Paris Bradley a question?in the new issue of hopper magazine.
  15. Fiveft20in

    What features do you want?

    1. Two speed choices for slow motion (like the H2). 2. Option for larger Caller ID on-screen text. 3. Amazon Prime Video.
  16. Fiveft20in

    Just curious about autohop vs skipping commercials

    I had a Sony VHS VCR in the early 90s that had a 30-second Skip button. Loved that thing (until lightning did it in).
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    Hard to argue with a TV company that had its own network.