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    Active button on remote

    I just started using again. I agree that it is very slow to load. One reason that I used it before, then stopped, is that everytime that there is a new firmware release you have to reprogram the Active options. In the past not worth the effort to have to keep reprogramming it, now maybe...
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    Local HD via Satellite?

    I am not familiar with your area, but a couple stations in the Houston area that are currently using UHF for their digital channels, will be reverting back to their original VHF channels when they turn-off their analog transmitters next year. Therefore, just make sure that your antenna will...
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    Can 99° LNB Be Disabled?

    I have this arrangement (BBC in attic with diplexer). I have not had any problems with OTA. Is this just because the OTA channels that I need in Houston are not affected by the BBC conversion? I would have preferred the two cable drop installation, but the DTV installer refused to drop a new...
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    Information Needed: What is B-Band Converter module operating temperature range?

    I probably have 20' of cable, plus a diplexer, between one of my BBCs and the HR20 (the second BBC is connected directly to the HR20). According to the receive level meters in the HR20, both tuners have nearly identical levels; so close that I cannot tell which tuner is connected to the remote BBC.
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    Information Needed: What is B-Band Converter module operating temperature range?

    One of my BBCs is in the attic also and has been for a year. I live in the Houston area, so the high-temp spec has been well tested!
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    Is one or both of the OTA Tuner inputs on the HR 20 powered?

    I do not know if any of the receivers mentioned in this thread have internal OTA amplifiers or not, but if any do, they will cause more problems that they would solve. An amplified OTA antenna system is not a problem if properly designed. I have an HR20 (using diplexers BTW) and an amplified...
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    Diplexed OTA with new HD - it is possible (I think)!

    Yes, I have one of my BCC's in the attic before the diplexer and everything is working fine. I have about 20' of cable between the diplexer and the second diplexer that is behind the TV. I have had this setup for over a year and until yesterday never knew for sure that it would work, but it...