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    How much are the $uperdish by itself?

    My mother is having a modular home built with wire for sat already built in at the factory. I have a 301 and 501 that I want to give her if I can get a superdish so she can get locals. All the wiring is setup so that the switch mounts on a hidden compartment on the side of the house and the dish...
  2. J

    The 510 is dead, long live my 501

    Wellll, my 510 has now done what I could feel coming and died. I will be getting a new one in 5 business days for only 14.95 shipping and handling. I got home from work today and the screen was frozen between in the middle of a channel change. When I rebooted it the 510 keep telling me that my...
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    Is this the HDTV 40inch model in the promo?

    I was browsing around looking at tv prices and came across this on the wal-mart site. I talked to a csr who told me that the tv was made by dish after failing to strike a...
  4. J

    Direcway&Directv in the pegasus zone

    Does anyone know if you use Direcway do you have to use Pegasus or can you go directly(heh) to D*. I am really jonesing for some kind of broadband service.
  5. J

    Trouble with 510

    When my 510 tries to execute a timer and I am viewing a recording and have it paused it has started to freeze half the time and the other half it crashes and restarts. Not only do I loose part of the recording program and what I am watching looses my place. Anyone else having this problem? Any...
  6. J

    2 receivers on 1 tv

    I have a superdish and am now thinking of hooking my old 501 up alongside my 510. Would there be any problems with this setup?
  7. J

    Exclusive Offers from DIsh? What Could they be?

    I logged into my Dish account and got a popup that I was an exclusive customer and had until 1/31/04 to get so many wonderful offers. Anybody know what they are pushing?
  8. J

    My Superdish is IN!!!!!

    I had my Superdish installed this afternoon. Everything went fine and I've got to say that my locals look great. It beats anything I have ever gotten from the locals on antenna. I am very pleased with it all. The installer came out because the retailor system was down and I was one of the few...
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    Does anyone know anything about WildBlue

    I came across this website ( and wondered if anyone on the boards knew anything about it. It seems to be a Ka sat based internet service. I live way on out in the country and have been pondering getting sat internet. This looks really cool.
  10. J

    Columbia SC locals showing on online order listing

    My Col SC locals are listed as available but only after a "free of charge" superdish install. I spoke to someone in tech support and he indicated that my 105 signal was probaly sufficient to get my locals without superdish. It would be a whole lot faster if this is true. Ive got my fingers...
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    :D i am thinking of getting xm or sirius. i want portable units that i can move from my truck to car to home. How do you feel about the service and your equipment.