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    New CT HD channels

    I was in the charter office in Newtown today returning my equipment and there is a notice up that they are adding A&EHD HistoryHD and MojoHD on Oct 3.
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    Did I miss the window for VOD?

    I just got my hr 20-700 yesterday. Am I out of luck for testing the VOD?
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    newbie question

    I hooked up hr20-700 today. I am coming from a SA8300hd dvr. On my cable I have resolution set to 420p on sd channels and 1080i on HD channels. With this setting I can use the stretch in the tv as it works beter than the cable box. on the hr20 I set the 2 outputs the same and set the box to...
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    ESPN2HD to be added

    ESPN2Hd to be added March 28th in the CT systems. Mass is usually at the same time too, but that i am not sure about.
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    MTVHD added in CT

    Title says it all. Wish we got the HDnet channels like other charter areas.
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    Charter CT adding channels

    Charter in Ct is adding WFSB(CBS) and UniversalHD on February 10th. These are confirmed by letters Charter sent to state dpuc.
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    Charter in CT to add ABC for the super bowl.

    Charter to have WTNHDT for the Super Bowl on channel 799. Probobly just on for the weekend. That is what they did when it was on CBS.
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    First impressions with Charter

    Ok I reluctantly went with Charter because of no commitment and the dbs receivers will be obsolete with mpeg4. Still have voom recever hooked up so I could compare pq. On analog sd channels picture is ok. On digital sd channels picture is far superior to vooms sd channels. On Hd channels Voom is...
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    921 ota

    Does the 921 only receive digital ota channels or is it like D receivers that get both digital and analog? I am researching options for when Voom gets turned off. I like the channel lineup on Dish better than D, so I am leaning towards Dish. Voom receivers were a little buggy too, so I am not...
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    Does anyone know if mits tv's have a signal meter for aligning antenna or do you just have to wing it and rescan each time you move antenna. Was hoping there was something like in voom receiver. I am trying to help my son set up his new tv.
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    Is HD news on the way out?

    I received a call from a survey company last night about Voom HD news. Wanted to know if I watched it , how often, would I care if some shots were SD etc. Sounds like they are trying to see if it is worth it. If they cancel it they could save some salary's by letting anchors go. Probobly cheaper...
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    OTA Module

    Does anyone know if Motorola makes a ota module that receives digital and analog channels? I wouldn't mind buying it. If not can you use a Dishnetwork module? I don't want to split my antenna cable before Voom receiver to hook up tv tuner as I lose signal and my weaker channels become...
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    Haven't seen any rumors lately about espn. Do you think they have given up? Surprised they have abc family and didn't do espn deal at the same time. Can't believe I am going to miss uconn girls win championship.
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    Not a good start

    Was watching Michael Mcdonald on Rave and lost signal. Funny thing though the sound stayed on. Tried to change channel and go back to it then I lost everythiing. First time I sat down with my wife to watch something. Couldn't of happened at a worse time. Also guide pops up once in a while even...
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    Voom STB questions

    Voom audio connections Does the Voom recxiever come with a optical output for the dolby sound? I only have 1 coax connection on my reciever that I use for my cable box. I have 2 available optical connections I could use. Just trying to get everything set before my install next week. Think I am...
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    Voomers in NYC metro area (including Locals)

    I live in Bethlehem CT and am having Voom installed March 3rd. The csr said the put up a stealth antenna for the locals. Our ABC and UPN networks are on VHF. NBC FOX CBS WB and PBS are UHF from different direction. I dont have much faith in this antenna they are putting up and am looking for...
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    Date off on forums

    Somehow my date is off here. Am reading posts from the future. How do I reset it?