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    Can you guys ID this Dish ?

    Can you pls identify this dish ?
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    When I use Vbox or ASC1 I get No signal for Certain KU TP's

    Guys, I have very strange issue. When I use Vbox I get No signal for Certain KU TP's. But if I directly connect the receiver I have very good signal for the same TP. And also I have noticed that when its connect to the Vbox and when I go very close to Vbox for some of the torouble some TP's my...
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    MY KU LNB and diseqc switch getting burned.

    Guys, I have ortho C/K with bulles eye feed fixed to 10ft mesh dish with one multiswicth and one diseqc switch . I have been using this for years. But recently when I'm watching C band all signal suddenly lost. So I have replaced new KU LNB and new diseqc switch. H side of C band LNB also didnt...
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    FeedHorn scalar ring design for a Dish.

    Hello, I want to custom design a feed horn scalar ring for my dish. pls let me know how to determine the diameter of the scalar ring? Is there any known formula for that ?
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    Can we use polycarbonate plate instead of teflon ?

    Can we use polycarbonate plate instead of teflon ?
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    C band interference with Norsat DRO LNB's + Band Pass filters.

    Hi, Currently I am using two Norsat DRO LNB's + Norsat Band Pass filters for C band interference. But still im getting whole lot of interference. I read somewhere that I need PLL lnbs' So guys which of the following LNB is the best ? 5KHz Stability C-Band PLL LNB VS 15KHz...
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    Norsat KU PLL Gain 55 dB and vs a normal PLL KU LNBF?

    Hi, Do you see any noticeable gain difference with very low signals?. I like to compare high quality LNB like Norsat PLL vs Geosat PLL KU LNBF. Like to hear your experience and technical side too. I'm especially concerned about very low signal stability.
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    Motorized Polar Mount BUD Declination Angle ?

    This is my first time trying to setup a 7.5FT Laser polar mount dish. I bought down this from USA. I need help with Declination Angle . My current location is south Asian country. below are my GPS location coordinates. Latitude: 6.86 Longitude: 79.89 And my nearest true south satellite is...
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    Orginal Patriot Offset dish. lost LNB mounting struts

    Hi, One of my friend has this Patriot dish. But the issue is he lost LNB mounting struts. So he is looking for measurements to build a new struts and lnb mounting. can you help ? height 200cm. width 188cm. depth 20cm.
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    Two motorised dishes with single receiver ?

    Hi, Is there any way to use Two motorized dishes with single receiver ? I am in Asia and I have to setup a one additional dish for S band and that S band LNB has KU output as well. So I just thought to set it to the east side because I cant reach east from my other motorized dish. But how to...
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    Laser 7.5 Mesh Bud Manual

    Hi, Guys I need Laser 7.5 Mesh Bud Manual. I tried the old link shared on the forum but seems like its not valid any more. Can you pls send me the right link pls. The old link I tried :
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    Some feeds has number of Degrees mentioned why is that ?

    Guys what is this means for example pls check the below two links 1st link says 39 Degrees the 2nd link says
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    skew zero bullseye ?

    Hi, Guys how to find the "skew" zero position on a bullseye feed horn ? I have modified my bullseye by cutting the KU top part and attached a regular universal KU LNBF.
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    Spectrum Analyser Frequency

    Hi, My Spectrum Analyser says Tuning range 950 to 2150 MHz So if I want to tune in to a Transponder 12718 H then what Spectrum frequency I should tune ?
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    OTHER Demodulation : QPSK,8PSK,16APSK - Symbol Rate 2 ~ 90MSPS(Code Rate 1/2)

    Is this useful ?
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    ASC1 and a potentiometer for the azimuth ?

    Hi, I am thinking developing a dual axis mount. Just want to know if I use potentiometer for the azimuth can ASC1 get its position?
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    GEOSATpro Model UL2PLL UNIVERSAL DUAL OUTPUT PLL This seems like a new product anyone using it ? How good this is for weaker signals ?
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    Satellite Motor gearbox and chain drive for azimuth.

    I found a pic of a satellite mount which can drive full Clarke belt ( azimuth ). Do you guys have any idea what kind gearbox and chain drive they are using for this. I want to build this kind of mount for myself. Should be able to control via Titanium ASC1.
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    18V to two LNB's

    I just want to know if we give 18V to two LNB's through a multi-switch irrespective of the receiver's sending voltage do we get proper polarization V or H?
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    Universal ku LNB blind scan

    Guys I have a Universal ku LNB but having strange issue lets say on shows a transponder 11170 V then after a blind scan my receiver show it as 11171 V. Same goes for other transponders. My receiver dispaly it multiplied by 1. why is that ? what I'm doing wrong ?