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    Sony Commercial

    WATCHING NBC COMMERICAL ......Who in the hell is Tom ? What about Bob ? You can't go wrong with Bob. By the way all those empty seats in Athens....guess they are the people outside Tom's apartment. LAMO I have a Sony tv 57" WS but this commerical is too much........Watching SD and HD...
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    Age of Voom Subscriber's

    I'm 57 now but will be 99 when Voom fixes the STB. I feel like 100 when I have to reset the power button. I don't whine much but it is making me upset that they can't fix this box. It should not take that many software downloads to fix.......My D* commitment is up this month and was hoping...
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    CONFIRMED: New version 6.10 has arrived! (Please post your observations here)

    Got new software 6.10 last night and was able to get a few sub channels. I like the feature that lets us elimanate channels. Here in Houston we have about six spanish channels that I elimanated. Did anyone notice that the CC is better with all the words in CC. This is a good fix for us late...
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    Voom Should Think Outside The Box

    Thanks Ilya : There may still be hope for this box after all Hope they can fix channel cancel features above channel 100 so we can customize our guide to our liking. (1) Do you think it was Voom who places the information in the guide because I know there is more info in the D* PG...
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    Voom Should Think Outside The Box

    Is it possible that the new software today ver 6. will help save this box ? I haven't check today to see if I got the hit but will later today after work......Way to go Voom. (1) Now is the PG giving more information about what is playing or is it like the old guide with just a little info...
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    Voom Should Think Outside The Box

    Ok no new box then what should we do ? Continue to look at PG that does not have all the information in the guide about a movie or like Rave that says some :confused: rock star group playing in hd. Wow...It makes me want to watch the program...Give me a break the info in the PG is terrible...
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    What Does everyone Think of This Idea

    Well it might be fixed in the year 2030 and your SOL .....I want my HD now and that is what were paying for is service and I mean good service with no problems.Voom=HD
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    VOOM Version 6.0 fix?

    Sounds like the Cotton Eye Joe song .......Bull sh%t :D
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    Voom Should Think Outside The Box

    History is changed and Now for the Future.....Voom Needs To Think Outside The Box and change history with a different manufactor of the box. Yes I believe Voom owns stock in Moto and should change. Moto is for cable vision and Voom should get with the future.....all other providors have...
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    Voom Should Think Outside The Box

    If you want to change history on the title thread .....let me know..... I have a lip syn in the sound area and sound varys with some channels.....But the lip syn is terrible.......Has anyone had this problem....I use a Harmon Kardon 1001 reciever and when I change channels sometimes it does...
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    Voom Should Think Outside The Box

    Voom Should Think Outside The Box And Needs To Change The Box Voom needs to think outside the box......Why don't they try a different manufactor for the Sat recieve...Sony, Samsung, etc. I have had Voom since 2/28/04 with 2 firmware hits and it still needs more help....The sound, the PG...
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    New Software Coming Or Not?

    :D :D Thanks theman: I'll ask you in 2 weeks!
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    Just got voom installed!! Brand new software??

    The CC needs to be placed at the Bottom of the Screen and not all over the TV screen. The CC needs all words said not just a few lines every now and then. The CC needs to stop flashing so fast that all you see is a few black flashes....Their should be an option for CC as to background...
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    Well folks I'm out...

    Jay we are going to miss you for sure but hope Voom will fix the sutter, sound , and cheap moto box soon. If they don't fix in the next software fix I will join you . I have until August 04 my D* contract is up. My only gripe is the Moto box and no other box to chose from....Just how many...
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    Good luck, Voomers! (If you don't reboot daily)

    I have been unlucky . I have been Vooming since 2/28 and reboot two to three times a month .....I'm still using the remote slowly...My only Bit@#h is the sound and pg.
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    Voom Predictions for 6/1/04

    The Stone Man forgot Genewilderhair : I predict that Genewilderhair's hair will straighten out but with a few sutters every few seconds back to curls.
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    H-Town Voomers post here (yee haw!)

    I saw it also. It is I think prerecorded stuff. We need 51-1 now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    TNT-HD being narrated?

    Why is HD having a sound narration anyway on HD. This doesn't make sense they can't see the joy of HD programing anyway why have a narration on HD? Hope a fix is in motion. HD=Voom
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    When is the next software update coming?

    Why not? The White House and the press leak out pictures and stories etc. Come on we can take it!
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    Improvement Wish List for Voom

    They need to keep Adding channels in HD and SD. You can forget them reducing Cinema 10 to 5 because their advertizement would be costly. 1) Add more content and name the Cinema 10 Action, Drama, Western, Comedy, etc. 2) Remote to control Audio recievers. 3) Logo opponent for PG 4)...