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    ? about phone line and addition of channels

    yeah, she is a keeper. Man I have been trying to get these fools on the phone ALL DAY...
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    ? about phone line and addition of channels

    Hi, My wonderful Jack Russell puppy ate my phone line thru that runs to my stb. The girlfriend wishes to add the PBHD channel, will I need to replace this line before calling voom to add this channel to my package.
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    Calibration disc

    Yes they are worth it. I got the Digital Video Essentials for like 25 bucks online. here is link. Hope that helps.
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    Total loss of OTA and "other" problems...

    Ok. Since my Voom install on the 21st of last month things have been super. In the past several days however I have suffered from a RASH of problems. Im running a 51" Sony HD and Im connected to the stb via DVI cable. This setup has worked great... until now. 1. TOTAL loss of ALL OTA. They...
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    Tested DVI out *again*...

    Gene, I have a sony as well, and I have been having LOTS of blackouts for the last several days... Up until then, I was DVI and NO problems... Im also having some other problems but those will be posted in a whine thread shortly ;)
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    ESPN Blocked out during NHL Whats going on VOOM:((

    you talking about game 6? I watched it on Voom... wtf?
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    Sony 51" HD and the big red button.

    Gene, it came up 1080i...
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    Steady (med) rain signal str

    Is 78 and a power in the low 80's seem decent for a medium but constant rain? Or should I cry and get a bigger dish? Im normally in the upper mid 90's. I just flew threw the house on a quick lunch break and didnt really have time to see if there were any problems with the picture in the brief...
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    Sony 51" HD and the big red button.

    Gene, nice hair BTW, I thought I read it upconverted to 1080i... Oh well, I have been known to be wrong most of the time. Vurb, the GF is a keeper! She plays videogames and thinks quality time is a night of vodka shots and xbox gaming! *EDIT* just found this in a review of the TV, is it...
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    Voom and HD Cable?

    huh. I looked your tv up on the web and it says that it has two component inputs...
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    Sony 51" HD and the big red button.

    KP-51WS500. The blue bar seems to be intermitent, and not on all channels. And I didnt clearly state that in native mode, I never get the bar. also, any opinion on the TV I have?
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    Sony 51" HD and the big red button.

    Ok, as you all know, Im sure, that sony hd's dont support 720p and it is upconverted to 1080i. My question is, what mode should I run my stb in? 1080i mode or Native mode(all red bars mode)? When I first played around with 1080i mode, I would get a faint vertical blue bar down the left of the...
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    Espn Is Here!!! (Official: 7 ESPN Channels added )

    Well I watched the Det Flames game last night, the picture was awful, but I was still doing the "jukey" trick to get it to tune. Can I assume that now that the channels are in properly that stuttering madness will be gone? ps GO REDWINGS!!!!!!
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    Espn Is Here!!! (Official: 7 ESPN Channels added )

    JOYGASM!!!!! I can watch the wings urinate on the flames tonight!!!!
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    Voom Box Features

    I know that all the video outs are active all the time, but I doubt the STB could put out both formats at the same time
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    MOOV is out?

    Im certainly picking it up and Im getting a signal strenght of 89 and a power of 100 :p
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    ? to Sean about VOOM programing guide he put up.

    I clicked the link to the MonstersHD Jason,Leatherface etc.. I started looking down the list and in green text there are several ESPN-HD listings. Is this just wishful thinking about the future? I know that there would be a 500page thread entitled "OMFG ESPN!!1!1!!!!1!!" if there were any...
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    This cant be good.

    problem solved, unpluged for a few and it came right up. Thanks guys.
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    VOOM Power level

    DarrellP, Yeah my software is like v.5.06 and target of .68 I think. So if that is the case then COOL! I certainly have had no problems with the picture...
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    VOOM Power level

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention, that the installer said that about the best he has seen in my part of FL (NW) is a 60. Anyone have a comment on that?