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    Looking For IA8 "Beacon" Signal

    Trying to locate IA8 so I can move my dish to get the ABC News Feeds. They have move there from IA6. Does anyone know of transponder info of a continuous broadcast that would help me lock on the frequency. Thanks in advance. Wxman1
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    How Do I Get Sound

    I presently am watching an excellent picture with the following co-ordinates DFreq 12051 (V) video {33} Audio {38} PCR {33} SR 3.978 Msps I have a Pansat 2500 and have tried the language options (2) the mute is not on (3) have sound and video on all other transponders. I'm puzzled...can...
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    DiscEqc Question

    I have two dishes being fed thru a DiscEqc coupler into a Pansat 2500. All is configured correctly. When I scroll through all the channels on Sat A I get reception....then when I go to the channels in Sat B (DiscEqc input #2) all works OK. Here is the problem ....when I go back to scroll through...
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    Trying to Find SBS6

    I am trying to find SBS6. Could someone please advise if there is a continuous broadcasting transponder on this bird that I could use as a "tuning tool". If so please advise the transponder frequency, polarity and baud rate . Thanks in advance for you kind assistance. Regards to all, Paul
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    Newsfeeds AMC 5

    Is there a transponder running continuously on AMC 5 that I can use as a means of locating AMC 5 with my dish.? If so could someone please advise the frequency and polarity of same. Thanks in advance for your attention to the foregoing. Paul
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    Where Are Canadian Newsfeeds???

    I am looking for Canadian newsfeeds. Primarily CBC, CTV and Global. Assume Nimiq and Anik first places to start. Lyngsat identifes some feeds but does not identify the carrier on these birds. Anybody have specifics regarding the subject? Thanks in advance for the information.
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    Which is best for newsfeeds AMC9 or SBS6?

    I have one dish on IA6 for newsfeeds and wish to point a second dish to another bird with newsfeeds as well. What is the better of the two AMC 9 or SBS 6 ? Also if anyone has information of a continuous signal on each bird I could use to "guide me in with the dish".... that info would be much...
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    Strange DiscEq Problem

    I have a Pansat 2500A receiver, two dishes with the same universal LNB on each dish (Fortec universal). When running direct from each dish separately (no DiscEq switch in line) I have no problem copying the signal. Dish 1 is connected to Port 4 on the Switch while dish 2 is connected to Port 2...
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    Newsfeeds on AMC 1

    Just installed a dish outside (brrrrrr) and am trying to find NBC newsfeeds on AMC 1 at 103 deg W. Does anyone know an active transponder (one on continuously) that I can try to "hone" in on? Thanks everyone in advance for any info you can provide.
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    How Good Are In Line Pre-Amps?

    I am monitoring newsfeeds on IA6 and am getting lots of signal "break-up" in heavy cloud conditions and rain. I realize the solution to stronger signal reception is to go to a bigger dish (currently using a 30") but was wondering if anyone had any experience with inline pre-amps. Will they bring...
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    Station "Chit-Chat" on Newsfeeds

    Is it possible to receive the station "chit-chat" (from control room to the remote reporter) I think it is referred to as the IRB (??) on the newsfeeds. If it can be done, how does one do it? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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    Looking For Updated Newsfeed Transponders

    I have downloaded active newsfeeds using Smartscan with my Pansat 2500A. I have these transponders stored and was wondering if it was possible to do the following: 1. retain the current listing and update say hourly looking for new active transponders 2. if this can be done with the 2500A what...
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    Why Do Transponders on IA6 Vary In Quality?

    Why do the various transponders vary in strength on IA6? (Obviously it is their output rf) I am gettng newsfeeds from quality levels of "unlocked to 56" depending on the transponder it comes down on. Why would networks use weaker transponders and why would they not all be the same level as...
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    Newbie Looking For Help re IA6 Newsfeeds

    Finally found IA6 today. I am getting about 30% quality on 12170 V 3003 S/R. I just got the equipment yesterday and indeed am a newbie. I have a Pansat 2500A...when I found the "bird" did a satellite scan and two stations came up (1) MTV English1 (2) MTV English2 both on the above transponder...
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    Pansast 2500 Smartscan How Does It Work?

    If I have confirmed a signal from an unknown satellite with my satfinder, will Smartscan scan the Ku frequencies and look for "live" transponders? (Almost sounds too good to be true.) If someone could explain how Smartscan works would appreciate it very much. I am a newbie at this and am having...
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    Totally Frustrated

    I have just spent 6 hours trying to get a quality signal with my Pansat 2500a with a Fortec Dish and Fortec Universal LNB. I am using a satfinder and can separate the various "birds" in the arc. I am trying to get T5 at 200 Degrees with an elevation of 40 Degrees. I have manually entered some...