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    DirectTV dish

    can be a good size of birds bath tub.
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    self install (im stuck)

    Without compass and signal meter, its a pain in the ass to find a signal, get a cheap meter and take time to get a signal is the main thing first, then work slow to try get all the signal.
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    24 month contract clarification

    I had few D10-300 receivers got from customer back to three years ago when they cancel account and moved out of country, I though I can keep for as replacement receiver when my older boxes go bad, but my phillips and hughs receiver still work good after all these years. I don't give a damn the...
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    ? about analog signals

    If my memory right, the star trek can be program as ku receiver, most C band receiver can receive ku signal as well.
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    Directv International Dish

    Are you just for 95 or with the basic channels from 101.
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    Anyone in Tulsa ...

    Give John a call and see if he can fix the problem. 918-756-4749
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    Apt electrolysis

    Your pics did not tell much, did anything touch the electrical wire ??
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    mounting an ota antenna above fta dish and question about sat meter

    I really strong reject using the same pole for OUT DOOR OTA ANTENNA with satellite dish. The strong wind could shake the pole when there the OTA antenna installed. This could make you loss the signal or the dish might move from this. Over forty years live in the USA, the last five or six...
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    Phase 3 dish switch

    I have a customer is remodeling the office, and he wanted all the rooms (13 so far in the drawing), will has dual cable outlet, but not necessary all the rooms could has receiver, I need a switch for 16 rooms, which model switch could work with the phase 3 dish ? Not doing DTV or Dish...
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    Neighbor taking satellite signal??

    One thing need to be make sure, if you got the system over two years or so or before the rented deal, thats your property, if not its DTV property. You will not have the full right to use the equipment if the system is being rented or leased.
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    36' Dish to hit 123 and 125 satellites

    Two degree spacing can be watch with a good quality low dB LNBF, this work with the strong signal TYPs.
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    Installer question

    The best is use a small tv plus the customer or your own receiver to check the signal. Check the Satdoun website for satellite location and look angle. Home depot or loews where they displace the cable accessory section has the cable trace device. DP34 switch can not be use for two difference...
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    ADTH IR6600 receiver

    If this is the new receiver within the two or three years period, you have no luck to modify anything from this model. AS you will only able to watch Satmex 6 signal.
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    Expensive Meter Vs taking Tv and reciever

    My best is a small tv with the receiver. IF you are an installer thats a difference story. I already no use meter when I go to troubleshooting, anyone need to realight the dish I use small tv and cheap receiver, work like a charm. Ooooo I only work part time now.
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    How do you determined the problem

    Last check did all the procedures two weeks ago. everything was in good condition (cable, connector, dishes were all tight and were peak at the highest quality on both dishes (70 plus quality). those dishes for G19 and G3C ku.
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    How do you determined the problem

    Is on the receiver or DISEqC switch. The receiver can not do auto switch suddenly from port A to port B, but if pick the satellite, both satellite show signal quality. Today customer called saying no more signal. Will go check at later today, but want to guest which one could be the defect...
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    Same Ole Problem

    Do you use regular splitter or high frequency splitter.
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    Need Help Again Please!

    Check all the connection first, ooh, did your old receiver is analog receiver ?? or digital receiver, sound to me, you tried used the analog receiver and there not many analog channel left.
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    Untill they terminated all the dealers, then no more commission pay out, this is what I think dish will make it happen. Of cause, time will tell.
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    Contest - TWO Free GEOSATpro CK1 LNBFs, Clamps and US / Canadian Shipping

    Cgs the winners. I will going to apply for retirement in a few months then I will set up my 7.5' mesh dish and enjoy my retire.