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  1. Dish VIP

    Slow page changes on

    Today your site detected numerous malware and viruses on my computer and popped up an offer to do a free scan. WTF!!!
  2. Dish VIP

    Being There (TY Dish!)

    Dish has been flipping the switch for RSN HD to include pre- and post-game coverage of baseball. It's not full-time RSN, but a huge improvement and I am stoked to be able to watch all the coverage of the Giants home opener in HD.:):):)
  3. Dish VIP

    Slow page changes on

    That is why I'm reporting it. It is not supposed to. You guys can take or leave it, my problem is merely to avoid unsafe sites, and this is the only one that causes problems for me.
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    Slow page changes on

    Ok, today I'm on a brand new computer with factory install of windows 7 and ie 8. IE 8 is preventing this site from downloading files. Why should this site need to download files?????? That's fine that google pays your bills 'cause i ain't gonna. Google is The Devil, imho.
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    Slow page changes on

    Scary site here. Just clicked on the <last page> link on a thread and nothing. A refresh popped up a window with a page from Best Buy dot com which I was surfing last night. Bad, bad! ad yield manager, bad!
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    No MLB games on 4/5 in HD yet

    Full time would be nice so I don't have to keep track of which channel number to tune to. Right now I use the 3 digit for SD and the 4 digit for HD. Furthermore, in order to catch the pre and post chatter, I set the 2nd tuner on SD, if I remember! Then I have to check to see what is coming in...
  7. Dish VIP

    MLB Network campaign against DishNet

    I believe the exact opposite. If more providers would not cave in to professional sports attempts to monopolize TV delivery of games, the better it would be for everyone.
  8. Dish VIP

    DISH replacements

    The protection plan covers owned equipment just the same as leased.
  9. Dish VIP

    no more freebies for me

    :up:up:up I've never had any problem. If you check your current amount due every day, you are going to discover periods when some but not all charges/credits have been applied. If you look for a problem you're gonna find it, real or perceived.
  10. Dish VIP

    Pro Plus Twin to QUad

    If you removed the separator and ran two cables using ports 1&2 or 3&4 to any dual-tuner boxes, then yes.
  11. Dish VIP

    722k Update

    I think I'll go with Dish Network's info, tyvm.
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    722k Update

    Note: The receiver may need to be left in Standby (plugged in with satellite feed and turned off) for a minimum of 20 minutes to further recover the download if interrupted at critical times. This "boot recovery" is a MINIMUM of 20 minutes, and could last 1 hour or more for some models. If a 721...
  13. Dish VIP

    Speed TV HD

    Check channel 9468 in the guide.
  14. Dish VIP

    Directv goes after HD RSN's

    Part-time and JIP coverage of RSN games in HD with Dish Network is Bullsh!t! I honestly would leave Dish over this one issue if I had LOS for DirecTV.
  15. Dish VIP

    722k Update

    I did research on this once and remember seeing that there also needs to be a period of inactivity on the VIP models. Don't remember how long, but I would give it a good hour, not 90 seconds.
  16. Dish VIP

    Commercial Dish Network antenna ?

    Not for airplanes!
  17. Dish VIP

    question about on-demand movies

    Gamer is on a PPV channel 525 right now. VOD is only channel 501. I currently have 16 channel 501 movies and don't see Gamer currently being offered as VOD. Yes, w/ PPV you have to schedule a recording. The good news is that the 24 hour view window doesn't start until you first watch the...
  18. Dish VIP

    What is the difference?

    The high number is the actual channel. The low number is mapped down from the high number so it matches the number of its SD counterpart, if any. It can't be the same as the already-used number for SD, thus the mapdown. This makes it possible for ESPN SD and ESPN HD to both use channel 140 or...
  19. Dish VIP

    Need help tech info

    You mean twin lnb. ;) Sorry you didn't take my advice. you'll have better luck adding receivers one at a time and doing numerous switch checks. That is because you have two switches in the system and it may take a few times to get all the registers updated. When you use brand new lnbs and...
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    Need help tech info

    Keep the quad. Connect ports 1 & 2 to the DP34. Use two feeds from DP34 to connect 322. Do a switch test. Do it again. All should be well. If not, do another switch test. All should be well. Next, connect the 510. Use either port 3 on the quad or use a feed from DP34, your choice. Do a switch...