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  1. Kali05

    Partial Signal Loss (00-00-00)

    been getting this error message on my 722k and picture goes out. my 222k reciever is working fine with no issues using same lnb i change lnb and wiring and dish splitter still only checked sig strength using transponder 11 signal is 56 percent and did power reset still same driving...
  2. Kali05

    dish movie pack no long available?

    ok i was going to downgrade dish movie pack for one month and pop up said no longer avaible if i removed it so i didnt downgrade it just curious
  3. Kali05

    Ehd another one

    have a 722k and 1tb EHD im almost out of space my question is if i get ar 2tb ehd will i be able to swicth back n forth to view whats on 1tb drive.(only can use one drive at a time) know have to formate drive. will i be able to access that on 1tb drive? when i swicth back
  4. Kali05

    722k reciever fan going bad

    for the past 2 weeks been here noise on my 722k reciever thought might been hard drive. but today a message popped on my screen said it was overheating. i have nothing on top or on the sides and its in a open spot. well dish swamp it for another 722k if i get protection plan or will they...
  5. Kali05

    free spectrum streaming epix channel for internet users only

    does anyone know if spectrum removed free streaming of epix channel online? i got a message after i logged in and tried to wacth a movie. it said $5.99 to add?
  6. Kali05

    looking to down grade

    currently have the at250 and dish movie pack . looking to downgrade to save a little which package includes locals mtv hallmark movie & mysteries hd net and mgm network ?
  7. Kali05

    dish anywhere app

    i have at250 with locals and show starz and movie pack. when i sign into dish anywhere and stream some content i see few channels that has a lock on it thought i subscribe to that channel. anyways to to get it unlock?
  8. Kali05

    hbo and cinemax deal

    i been seening on tv about the hbo and cinemax deal was wondering how much is it to get both. has anyone called to inquire?
  9. Kali05

    dish network 500 plus dish a meter dish

    is the dish 500 plus international dish consider a meter dish or more than a meter dish?
  10. Kali05

    reciever limit

    how many recievers can i have on 1 account.
  11. Kali05

    home protector plan

    does anyone if you still can get a free dish mover if you have the home protection plan? or not? i know i can get a free dish mover that if i qualifily for it. i have a pay as you go account.
  12. Kali05

    dish mover with pay as you go account

    i currenty have a 211k receiver and ill be moving in a week or so. i have the welcome pack. anyway i check in my online account one of my offers is the dish mover program, i was wondering if ill be able to use it if. if just keep the same receivers and also i'm a pay as go account. i'm not sure...
  13. Kali05

    reciever return

    i had one of those 301 reciever up grade in which they gave me a 311 in which was marked a leased reciever. and now i took it off my account with a purchase 211k was wonder where i need a address where i can send it back too. the repsative didnt have clue. i dont wanna get stuck with a bill for...
  14. Kali05

    how long after cancel premium channel to get discounts

    was wondering how long it has to be after cancaling showtime and starz and blockbuster@home to resign up to get the half off deal?
  15. Kali05

    blockbuster@home package

    does anyone know what the lowest package can one have to get the blockbuster@home?
  16. Kali05

    is the 301d reciever the only model being replaced?

    is their any other model reciever being replaced besides the 301 by may? if so what other model numbers
  17. Kali05

    301d reciever replacement

    i had call dish network about a question about something and they told me i had a upgrade reciever on my old 301d reciever so i said ok go ahead and send me out one. that will be no cost to me is this reciever replacement. im curioues will it be a owned reciever or a leased reciever ? as i...
  18. Kali05

    dish network tool team

    went to up grade to a dvr and the rep that I need to talk to a dish network tool team repesative just curious what they do
  19. Kali05

    211k hard drive add on

    i was wondering does the 211k receiver . after you add the hard drive. does it let you record a show and let you wacth a different one at same time or not. anyone know? thinking about added the hard drive feature
  20. Kali05

    301 and 508

    are they still swaping in a 508 and 301 reciever i read it hear about year ago and was wondering are thy still going to swap it out? i owed them by the way