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  1. geekboy2000

    61.5: ZIP 19044/Signal Level 40 - Shows No Az, El, or Skew

    Typically, I get outstanding reception across the board, but with the slightest rainfall, I lose 61.5. I used the Dish Pointer utility, and determined that I had dead-on azimuth, elevation and skew (249, 29, and 127 respectively), and a signal level of about 80 for the 110/119 satellites, but a...
  2. geekboy2000

    61.5 Signal Lost?

    At about 8:45 PM EDT (in PA), I lost 61.5. Maybe just me? Doubtful, I guess, but I'm gonna reboot the 722.
  3. geekboy2000

    VIP-722 (L448): Fluctuating Audio Levels in Recorded Material

    Live program material seems fine (audio level stays contant), but I've been noticing lately (maybe over the past 10 days or so), that some recordings, when played back, will start out at one volume level, and then drop off. No other device through the same TV/audio setup has this issue. I can't...
  4. geekboy2000

    Channels that are Truly HD?

    I know which channels are indicated as being HD on the EPG, but: I just upgraded from a 32" Olevia 720p TV to a Samsung LN-T4665F 1080P. I find, as expected, that 1080P Blu-ray discs are stunning. Likewise HDNet, UniHD, Soundstage, and a number of others are phenomenal looking. OTOH...
  5. geekboy2000

    Toshiba HD-A3: Stubborn Network Connectivity Issue

    I have been around the world and back via Google, and I think I've read and done everything suggested, but the folks here seem very sharp, so here goes: First, I should say that after repeated failures connecting to the outside world (can not find server), I burned the latest firmware to a CD...
  6. geekboy2000

    Problems w/722 and Video/Sound Sync: 12/26 3:30 PM EST

    Don't know if anyone else is similarly affected, but here's how it played out: My VIP-722 went into standby/idle after 4 hours. I saw the screensaver, and pressed the select/enter button. Saw a black screen, and no response to any of the remote buttons. I did a power/reset on the box, and it...
  7. geekboy2000

    Sat 12/22/2007 - Some Channels Gone!

    I created this thread, as it appears to affect more than just VOOM.
  8. geekboy2000

    DISHOnline w/VIP-722 Sometimes Freezes

    I have confirmed that I have a good Broadband connection, but on occassion: I get as far as the DISHOnline main screen, but when selecting any of the movie categories, I'll see something "of 0" at the top of the list, and no titles will be listed. Unfortunately, I can't seem to back out at...
  9. geekboy2000

    Any Way to Get "Big 3" Broadcast Networks, But Not "Local"?

    I'm a DISH/satellite subscriber for just 3 months now, so forgive my ignorance. I do want ABC, NBC, and CBS, and currently, I have the local channels as part of my total package. But, if it's possible, I'd prefer the network feeds, as opposed to the local feeds. I'm not talking about receiving...
  10. geekboy2000

    PPV Movie: 2 Hrs of DISH Logo - NO REFUND!

    I set my VIP-722 to record "Next" in HD at 5:00 AM a few days ago. The DVR offered me the "record once" option as usual, and I accepted the $4.99 charge. Yesterday, when I went to play it, I saw 2 HRS of the DISH Network logo and no movie. The CS rep told me that they do not credit back PPV...
  11. geekboy2000

    VIP 722 w/Verizon MI424WR Router

    Just moved from Comcast broadband with my old reliable Linksys WRT54G, to Verizon FIOS. The VIP722 is hard wired to the new Verizon/Actiontec router, but it seems to lose connection about once a day. All other wired and wireless devices/PC's are fine. Anyone else have the same setup and...
  12. geekboy2000

    How to Confirm Receipt/Credit for Returned Receiver?

    After my upgrade to the VIP-722, I sent my 625 back. The tracking info reveals that it was received. Does DISH confirm in some way (e-mail, entry on your account page, phone call) that they have received it, and have credited your account accordingly? I just want to make sure I'm not going to...
  13. geekboy2000

    Antenna Star: 2 Thumbs Up for Install and Upgrade

    Just a note to the folks who are within the territory they serve (as installers dispatched by DISH Network). My initial install was on 08/11/2007, and I upgraded to HD a month later (never expected my SD TV to die, or I would have gone HD from the outset). In both cases, these folks were...
  14. geekboy2000

    Compliments/Comments About Installers?

    Is there an appropriate place here to post regarding installer experiences? I've got some good comments to pass along about a particular installer, but just want to make sure it's allowed, and if so, where to post. Mark
  15. geekboy2000

    VIP-722: Broadband "Phone Home" - Not Working; Tech Advised Update May Be Needed

    Plugging the ethernet cable into the VIP-722 and configuring it was cake. DNS addresses found, connection tests OK, diagnotics report it is broadband connected, yet, interactive choices attempt to dial out with a phone line (all cell phones here at home, no phone line). It's almost as if they...
  16. geekboy2000

    VIP-722: Two Days Passed, No On-Demand Programming Choices

    New member here. Hello everyone! I upgraded from a 625 receiver to HD and the VIP-722 on Friday the 21st. I had the receiver off Friday afternooon, Friday night, and last night (Saturday night). As of today (Sunday morning), I still have no on-demand choices (movies or TV programs). I seem...