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    usa dish network in mexico

    Mexican state of Oaxaca way south for a regular satellite footprint all though there are work arounds :eureka
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    Wally and Pathway X2 not working.

    Hi: Unless you are using a low quality coax cable longer than 25Ft from the dish to the receiver For stationary use only Includes 25 ft coaxial cable link to the pathway x2 antenna
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    Hopper 3 and international

    I Did an Install with a Hopper3 & 2 Joey2 with International Channels with 2 HD Turbo Dishes Back in October 2016 Customer has an Italian Package and 4 Orbital Slots 110,118.7,119 & 129 Satellite 118.7 is Combined at the Sat Input Port of the Hybrid LNB The Installation is Near to...
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    DPH 42.

    PR = Puerto Rico
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    HDMI Splitter on a Joey

    I don't see why not As long as your HDMI splitter pass the HDCP protocol
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    DISH Playmaker w/ Wally only 1 satellite?

    I was having the same problem 3 months ago with a rv customer,same set up as yours The receiver could not lock on the 3 satellites in clear south view with no trees around I took his receiver to my bench and let it upgrade for 24 hours with a 1000.2 Dish Turbo HD and that solved the problem
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    Why no Cbeebies channel in the US?

    There is Cbeebies channel in spanish on dish latino package
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    new hopper 3 and dish, problems and questions

    Nope,you only have 2 choices 1- RF Modulator 2- Active HDMI Splitter with HDMI Extender using CAT-5 or CAT-6 Ethernet Cable Monoprice or Sewell Brand
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    Can you use a power inserter on DISH Network without a 44 switch?

    Could be depending where the power inserter is placed in the cable run
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    Can you use a power inserter on DISH Network without a 44 switch?

    Run RG-11 with Solid Copper Center to minimize signal loss due to long runs
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    Can you mirror Hopper 3 on 2nd TV?

    I use Sewell brand most of the time and some Monoprice too but always active splitters Some of the DHCP licenses in "el cheapo" splitters are fake and will cause issues
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    DISH - setting up tv2 on VIP722

    My apologies for the confusion that I created,I called a Separator a Diplexer "WRONG" Dish use Separators Dual and Triple A Separator integrates the Signal Stacked from the DP LNB in 1 Line and splits into the 2 Ports for Dual Tuners Receivers instead of running 2 lines from the LNB to the...
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    DISH - setting up tv2 on VIP722

    Why ? Most of the new equipment comes with Triplexers instead of the Diplexer He is not backtracking the signal via Triplexer Install a 75 Ohms Terminator Cap on the open port of the Triplexer to stop any signal ingress Replace the 3-way splitter with a 2-way splitter to minimize signal loss...
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    Enter to Win a HopperGO!

    "I would like to win a HopperGO!" Thanks
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    I have a Vip connected to a dispro 34 multiswitch to 3 big antenas what do I need to wire a Hopper

    Single DP LNB for each satellite 1 line out of each single DP LNB to a DPP 44 Switch w/Power Inserter 2 Lines out of the DPP 44 to a Solo Node then 1 Line to Hopper Parts Needed 3 DP Single LNB's 1 DPP44 Multiswitch w/Power Inserter 1 Solo Node *Compression F-Connectors PPC,Belden,Etc...