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  1. thiggin2

    Umaga passes away today.

    Just ran across this. Very sad indeed. RIP Umaga :( WWE: Inside WWE > News > Umaga passes
  2. thiggin2

    TV pitchman Billy Mays has died

    This is a shocker to me. I loved his ads and show. RIP Billy :(. "Billy Mays has died at the age of 50. He was best known for his television ads and the documentary series Pitchmen. " TV pitchman Billy Mays has died - Bay News 9
  3. thiggin2

    RTN Comes To Brighthouse Tampabay.

    RTN Finally comes to the Tampabay area :D:clap. This is my favorite channel on FTA, I'm glad its now available locally. WFLA Launches Vintage Digital Channel 8 Prime
  4. thiggin2

    Countdown Feature

    Maybe I missed something. But what happened to the countdown feature. No biggie but I just noticed it was gone.
  5. thiggin2

    Vista Service Pack 1 available

    I was doing my weeky Windows update check and noticed Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is now available for download. I dont know how it is because I'm still downloading it. Very slow downloading.
  6. thiggin2

    Top of the page display.

    Is anyone else having this problem?? The tops of all pages except the front page is in a column. It just started. If you scroll down to the posts it all looks ok then. Its just the tops of the pages.
  7. thiggin2

    WWE wrestler Chris Benoit, family found dead

    Wow what a shocker. I was just over at and this was on the front page. Very sad news :( . WWE: Inside WWE > News > Chris Benoit and family found dead
  8. thiggin2

    NFL player's body found in lake

    NFL's Marquise Hill's body found in lake Not a huge football fan but I noticed this wasn't posted yet. What a tragic accident.
  9. thiggin2

    Mounting a H180 onto a 180cm dish

    I'm thinking about getting a Fortec Star FS6D dish and a H180 motor from Sadoun. I know they say you can mount the motor to the dish if you use 2 peices of angle iron. The picture they have on there site doesn't show much detail. My question is does anyone have any better details when it comes...
  10. thiggin2

    No TNA this Sunday on Dish

    With all the pay-per-view channels Dish has I dont understand why they couldn't put it on a different channel or something.
  11. thiggin2


    Well I ordered one last night (Starbox) from Sadoun but I also fired off an email asking if it would decode 4:2:2. I just got an email back from Judy and she stated the Starbox would not receive 4:2:2 video :( . So now I'm confused :confused: .
  12. thiggin2

    Installing a QPH031 question.

    Is there any special way to wire a QPH031 LNB. I have it hooked to a 22kHz switch. I'm only hooking it to 1 receiver (Fortec Lifetime Classic NA). I'm using one C, and one L connection at the LNB. Can I connect either LNB output to either input of the switch or do I have to connect them to a...
  13. thiggin2

    Grandpa 'Munster' dies at age 95

    NEW YORK (AP) -- Al Lewis, the cigar-chomping patriarch of "The Munsters" whose work as a basketball scout, restaurateur and political candidate never eclipsed his role as Grandpa from the television sitcom, died after years of failing health. He was 95. Lewis, with his wife at his bedside...
  14. thiggin2

    BTLS(Bubba the Love Sponge) Sirius deals

    I got this email the other day for there "Bubba Army exclusive offer" and thought I would pass it along. Looks like some decent prices. Not sure how long it will last.
  15. thiggin2

    Comedian Richard Pryor dies at 65

    Comedian/Actor Richard Pryor dies at 65 (CNN) -- Just days after his 65th birthday, groundbreaking comedian Richard Pryor died Saturday of a heart attack, his wife told CNN. Pryor, who had been ill with multiple sclerosis, died at Encino Hospital near Los Angeles at 7:58 a.m. PT. Jennifer...
  16. thiggin2

    Howard 100

    There playing Red Peters Show right now until 8:00pm (I think), funny sh*t. Bubba will be playing an One Hour show tomorrow at 7:00pm till 8:00, I dont think it will be live but will still be great to here them again.
  17. thiggin2

    What happened to sirius promo code entry??

    What happened to Sirius promo code entry box?? I went to Sirius website to see if a few promo codes still work because I'm thinking on getting a Sirius system and I can't seem to find the area to enter in a promo code. It used to be in the store area but I cant seem to find it anymore. Did they...
  18. thiggin2

    Adding Banner to Sig.

    Can someone help me with adding a banner to my Sig. This is what the line I'm trying to add to my sig. but most of the time all I get is a red x. The link is a good one but sometime the banner will work but most of the time its only a red x. Thanks. Note: I added spaces to show you what...
  19. thiggin2

    Using Dish with Sunrocket broadband phone

    I remember someone posted that they were using Sunrocket Broadband phone with there Dish system but I cant seem to find that post. So my question is how do you get your receiver to dial out using that type of phone service? The receiver will see the dial tone if you go to Diag. and select...
  20. thiggin2

    Email account dont work using Outlook

    How come my Satelliteguys email account dont work in Outlook express?? It keeps saying my password was rejected. I use the same password as my login to the site.