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  1. Hogarth

    Argh. cookies.

    I foolishly told your system not to cookie me in registration. Since then I've had all manner of trouble logging in to the site. The FAQ says to log in and go to the User Control Panel to turn cookies back on. However, I'm in there, and there's no such option. :confused: Help, please :)
  2. Hogarth

    H-10 remote controlling R-10?

    Howdy folks. Recently switched to DirecTV from Dish Network. I have both an H-10 HDTV receiver and a R-10 TiVo. I love the TiVo peanut, but it's a little light featured when it comes to controlling other equipment. The H-10 remote is pretty good, having most of TiVo's features, and...
  3. Hogarth

    Wow, they just don't learn, do they? (NBR complaints)

    OK.. I'm ranting.. bear with me. I'm not a big fan of the "Start Early" / "End Late" options. At the very least, I think you should be able to change the default. (Say, to 10/10, or 0 / 0) With L232, not only have they left the default at 1 / 3, but now they've made it so that you have...