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  1. MattJ2124

    DirecTV offers to customers who complain about dropped Viacom channels

    Called today because my two daughters are literally flipping out over the nick channels. I explained that I would like to cancel my service because my kids are driving me nuts and I need to switch over to Time Warner. Retention actually asked me how much credit a month would it take to keep...
  2. MattJ2124

    recordings with no content or corrupted data

    The errors I have been getting are "this episode was canceled because the channel was no longer available (6)". This has been happening on recordings I have set at night for USA Network, MTV, E!, etc. I am contacting Direct because I am pretty sure I am paying a DVR fee, and yet, my episodes...
  3. MattJ2124

    Why no AMC HD? (Now Live Sept 9th)

    I hope AMC does a Walking Dead marathon of season 1. I would love to watch this in HD!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. MattJ2124

    More HD 7/27

    As a premium subscriber I am very happy. We have a boat load of HD movie channels now, love it.
  5. MattJ2124

    Component Cable vs. HDMI

    Agreed, I used a combination of both cables for my system (comp for Xbox, HDMI for Direct etc) and I see no difference in picture, they both look great. I am one of the idiots that have purchased $100 cables and havent seen the difference between those and the $20 cables either. I know some...
  6. MattJ2124

    Was D* 12 a disappointment?

    This will be unpopular, but as a premiere and hd extra pack subscriber, I am quite happy with what Directv offers, anymore HD added is a bonus for me (example Sony movie channel was a nice surprise).
  7. MattJ2124

    DirecTV could lose G4 (Removed 11-1)

    I am a HUGH gamer and love all my systems, but I honestly cant even tell you what channel number G4 is??? They completely killed off their gaming shows and pretty much became the cops and cheaters channel. Kill it off, who cares, replace it with a cool new HD channel. That would be sweet.
  8. MattJ2124

    Adult Ch. monthly ?

    You can order Hustler for $39.99 per month on Directv? I had no idea, I always thought it was Playboy only? About time they started to offer other adult channels monthly.
  9. MattJ2124

    DIRECTV Announces New HD!

    I have an AM 21 in my garage sale this weekend for $15. You would be surprised at how many Directv customers have NO CLUE what this thing is. We now get all of our locals in HD (they out of no where just added the last one we were waiting on, FOX HD--which is what I was using this thing for)...
  10. MattJ2124

    Instructions to get MRV (whole home DVR) activated for ethernet

    Uh-oh, my fault, I figured they were just passing the buck on to someone else, now I feel like an idiot. Time for another email to apologize.
  11. MattJ2124

    Instructions to get MRV (whole home DVR) activated for ethernet

    I had to jump through some hoops, I did the email that cfb posted and got a response that they would have to send my email on to a specialist and see if my request could be processed? I got pi$$ed and sent an email back to the csr stating that i didnt appreciate her "passing the buck" and if...
  12. MattJ2124

    Instructions to get MRV (whole home DVR) activated for ethernet

    cfb, I just sent them the email you posted, thanks, much appreciated!!! I only use the MRV in one other room (the wife and kids could care less about this) so I didnt want to have to pay $150 or possibly higher and have a new install for this. Hopefully this works, thanks for the guidance!!!!!!
  13. MattJ2124

    What day in May for new HD?

    Ummmm, I am going to guess June 2 (total guess here--opinion), we get a couple and then none until they complete this whole switch-a-roo thing with D10, and yes, I know they announced May but....
  14. MattJ2124

    DIRECTV Announces New HD!

    Ha ha ha, agreed, I had to double check and make sure I was at the right site? I was startin' to look for Sixto here??????
  15. MattJ2124

    DIRECTV Announces New HD!

    I could see the national channels having an SD feed (example Lifetime), but the premiums??????? I dont know about that one, (opinion) I'm leaning towards no.:confused:
  16. MattJ2124

    BIO HD why Dont we get it?

    Yep, channel 266.
  17. MattJ2124

    DIRECTV Announces New HD!

    I believe Mad Men starts season 4 at the end of July, I bet we will have AMC by then or close to that start date. Just a prediction.
  18. MattJ2124

    DIRECTV Announces New HD!

    Agreed, he pretty much tore them apart with their claims. But, he also tore Directv apart too because of the new list that they announced, he expressed it should have been more national HD (TCM, G4, etc). I find it to be a good read at times, I know there are haters out there, but I read...
  19. MattJ2124

    D12 satellite - now we're receiving signals!

    Heh heh heh, you had to go there, pretty good, gave me a chuckle...:D
  20. MattJ2124

    D12 satellite - now we're receiving signals!

    skottey, Dont get me wrong, I feel your frustration, I subscribe to the movie channels and would love to get more in HD. But, you seem like an educated guy, look at these quick points: 1. The bird is up there. Yeah, there is some type of malfunction (which, in todays tech world, anything...