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  1. ggw2000

    Dish moves on reorg, staff cuts

    Just Dish using COVID19 as an excuse to shed people!!
  2. ggw2000

    Hopper 3 with DPP44 switch diagram

    Thank You for the diagram! It looks like (according to JSheridan) that I can remove the DPP44 and just use the DPH42 and a solo hub. This would give me one output for a 211k..
  3. ggw2000

    Update U725

    Our HWS/SJ seemed to have run ok (of course slower) for the past two days now since pulling out the Snap.. Gerry
  4. ggw2000

    Update U725

    Not really agreeing with you on hard drive issue. It's more of a UI graphics type problem overall from what I see. Gerry
  5. ggw2000

    Update U725

    As I had said over in the "tale of the hopper snap" thread it now appears to me that this must be a software issue and not the Snap going bad as I had thought. I didn't read this thread before posting and all the above mentioned problems are just like the ones that I was having. That said, my...
  6. ggw2000

    Tale of the "Hopper Snap"

    Good luck- please post results!
  7. ggw2000

    Tale of the "Hopper Snap"

    A week ago yesterday I started having problems with my Super Joey to start. It was coming up with the TV activity screen on it's own and showing 0 tuners, the interface was also giving me all kind of whacky problems and a reset or plug pull did not fix it. Just shortly after all this started my...
  8. ggw2000

    Hopper 3 with DPP44 switch diagram

    JSheridan, thanks a lot for your direction and insight! Been 4 years since I put in the HWS/SJ so it's not something I do everyday :).. Gerry
  9. ggw2000

    Hopper 3 with DPP44 switch diagram

    JSheridan, thanks for the reply! It looks like I need a solo hub on the output of the DPH42. From what I see the wiring would be: 1. 3 wires from 1000.4 to inputs on DPH42 2. Power inserter on output port 1 of DPH and hook 211K to that. 3. Wire from port 2 of the DPH42 to the ODU (?) port on...
  10. ggw2000

    Hopper 3 with DPP44 switch diagram

    Current setup is 1000.4 (EA) with a DPP LNBF to a DPP44 switch. I have a HWS and SJ running off a solo node and integrator. This setup allows me to setup/activate my 211K when I want to. I know that a while back I had a wiring diagram that showed me how to run a Hopper 3 and a joey off from the...
  11. ggw2000

    WOW-that's whacky- HWS

    Was ok yesterday- fingers crossed!! Gerry
  12. ggw2000

    WOW-that's whacky- HWS

    No, it's just powered off to standby mode every night....
  13. ggw2000

    WOW-that's whacky- HWS

    Been with Dish about 20 years now and obviously have gone through a lot of receivers in that timeframe but never anything like I saw yesterday! Turned on the HWS and went into the DVR as I wanted to check "scheduled" recordings. The times that were there were all screwed up as to what they...
  14. ggw2000

    Auto Hop..just selective shows??

    As david_jr said... In my case I have Prime Time set for Saturday nights (which I don't record anything). I then go into the guide and setup timers for all the shows I want to record during the week across the 4 major networks. As mentioned, auto hop for the most part is close to 8 days before...
  15. ggw2000

    Screensave on Hopper (?)

    Not trying to interrupt the Fox dispute :). Back in the spring I was reading a Dish forum of sorts somewhere where a few different people were complaining that the Hopper did not have a screen saver implemented. These people for the most part were owners of OLED tvs. The Dish rep on the forum...
  16. ggw2000

    Dish is very busy anytime you call or chat Why?

    Overwhelmed handling customer cancellations !!
  17. ggw2000

    Hopper Snap

    There is already a thread on the Hopper Snap.. Reason for another?
  18. ggw2000


    Well Dish came through!! Downloaded U717 on to my HWS last night. Just checked our SJ (superjoey) and it is now as fast as the HWS was after installing the SNAP a while back.. Good job Dish and thanks again to Scott for sending me one :).. Gerry
  19. ggw2000

    CBS On Demand - Dish

    They were the first- but the reality of the situation is that they are one of the greediest companies out there!!! Gerry
  20. ggw2000

    VIP Receiver Activations

    Why no Wally’s on account with 211K?