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  1. ERSanders

    Strange Hopper behaviour

    Our Hopper system with two Joeys had been freezing (in live mode and repeated in recorded mode) both audio and video for one to three seconds, buffering the lost signal so it later plays in "catch up" mode. Both the hopper and LNB have been replaced. The trees nearby have been trimmed using the...
  2. ERSanders

    OTA Module

    I have the original OTA module and think it may be marginal or poor. I HAVE DONE the FCC rescan several times in ZIP 14450 and cannot connect with all of the UHF and VHF stations 8-12 miles away using an seven foot high first floor indoor antenna supposedly good for up to 50 miles. BTW I live...
  3. ERSanders

    U517 New Problem

    I got U517 a few days ago and about four of 28 or so recorded files failed to repopulate. I tried two reboots; one red button and one unplug for a full minute with no joy. Also tried red button "Options" fix to recover... some repopulated with "All Available" but some could not. Any suggestions?
  4. ERSanders

    H3 Spontaneous Reboots

    Since U309 I have been getting spontaneous reboots, up to 4 / hour. The Mothership is replacing the receiver. Am I alone with this or are others having this problem?
  5. ERSanders

    Fed Up with Eastern Arc Snow Accumulation?

    So far I have had one back mounted, one sandwiched and two front mounted HotShot dish heaters over the last 17 years. All have either been lost due to a antenna change or failed electrically, so I looked for a simpler, cheaper and transferable solution. I recommend this ONLY for properly...
  6. ERSanders

    Unable to transfer HWS shows to external HDD

    I have a HWS which is failing due to audio dropouts. I have tried to remove all shows to the external HDD and it worked... kind of. The most recent ABC and CBS shows (last few days) are not seen by the transfer from/to application in the "settings" menu. I have tried unplug reboots, calling...
  7. ERSanders

    Feels Like A New Pair Of Shoes...

    it takes a while to break them in.
  8. ERSanders

    Need a reliable Joey (new or used) for a seldom used TV.

    How do I assure that an eBay or other used Joey is legally owned? Any suggestions for cheap sources?
  9. ERSanders

    HDD Can't Find Programs to Transfer

    I have a HWS at S316. I am trying to transfer from the internal to an external HDD those programs which we want, but choose not to watch until much later in the season. There are a total of about 90 programs within six folders. When I try to access them thru the external HDD...
  10. ERSanders

    HWS Potential New Issues, at least for me.

    Yesterday my HWS was busy downloading about six hours of shows from the external HDD. Apparently (unknown to me) that used one of the tuners, so one of my three scheduled recordings was ignored... no warning was given. I missed the local news (no big loss) at 6PM. And I was a bit surprised...
  11. ERSanders

    No Sound After Pause

    On one of my two hoppers I have the above problem. It can only be resolved by allowing it to play in delayed mode, even if only a few seconds. Eventually, if it is a few sconds pause, it will skip to live with sound, but not if I push it to live. I have tried "search" and not found this...
  12. ERSanders

    A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Hopper...

    Two days ago I had a Dish Tech. come out to replace two 722Ks with two new Hoppers and one new Joey using a Duo-node. All cable was 3 ghz. First Hopper worked great. Second Hopper didn't authorize at all, as happened to two additional new Hoppers at that location. So he replaced the...
  13. ERSanders

    Hopper / Joey Remotes

    I am considering leaving the 2x722K world and going to 2H/2J or 2HWS/2J. I will need a total of eight remotes to equal what I was given with the 722K install. Is this a problem for Dish to supply at installation or will I have to purchase them from another source?
  14. ERSanders

    Sling Adaptor Agony

    I received my Sling Adaptor for my 722k a few weeks ago along with my new Verizon Samsung Fascinate (SCH-i500) and was thrilled with the concept of portable video. The 722k is hardwired (6' cable) to a Linksys WRT54GS ver. 1.1 with the latest firmware v 4.71.4. I have been able to...
  15. ERSanders

    One for the Dish Team: Justified @ 2:00 AM Monday Ch 136HD

    I have had the subject program set to record on FX channel 136 HD at the specified time. It worked for a while but now gives me about 6-7 minutes of that program, then cuts off. When I look at the guide it shows Paid Programming in the slot. I tried setting seperate timers for them and got...
  16. ERSanders

    EHD vs Folders (SW Shortcoming IMHO)

    I have had my EHD (WD) for a year or so which I switch between two 722k's without problems. An annoyance factor is that whatever folder we have created (like mine, hers and ours) get ignored when the recording goes into the the EHD. This completely scrambles the folder assignment into one...
  17. ERSanders

    OTA HD Input Causes Reboots... Maybe?

    I have been suffering with reboots of my 722's, later 722K since near the beginning of 2010. All of that time I have had my locals run from an OTA antenna thru my receiver. I have been thru four or five 722's and am now awaiting delivery of a replacement 722K due to solely this problem...
  18. ERSanders

    ceo@echostar and ceo@dishnetwork Working?

    Over two weeks ago I sent a nicely worded issue* to the first address (with the .com added) and resent it over a week ago to the second one. To date I have had no response from either. This is quite the opposite of the several times over the last 12 years I have asked them for help. What is...
  19. ERSanders

    HDD Frustration!

    For the second time in seven months my 722 has failed and taken all of my recordings back to the DishNetwork scrap heap. As I look back over the 12 years which I have been with Dish I noticed that I average one or more failed receivers per year. Now, with the PVR they are "stealing" my...
  20. ERSanders

    722 Multiple HD Outputs?

    I have two 722's and four HD TV's. How can I connect all of the TV's to both of the 722's? By doing this (if possible) I can watch HD from either 722 on any of the TV's, e.g., by selecting Input 1 or 2. Being a naturally born cheapskate (:rolleyes: its a genetic thing I got from...