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  1. AntDogg65

    Hopper Recording Issues

    Hey Guys, Im having an issue with my hopper, my shows are recording for hours with no stop in sight (e.g, seven hours). Is there a fix or remedy for this as it will kill my dvr space if this continues. This is not the first time this has happened either. Any info is helpful. Thanks,
  2. AntDogg65

    New Channels

    How bout TVone. My wife would be happy to see this on dish. As well as Fuse in HD
  3. AntDogg65

    hbogo and max go

    Dish has had access since day one of Go. Had it on my iPad, now I have it on my 360. What are you using that is denying you access.
  4. AntDogg65

    Will 922 Ever Get Blockbuster At Home

    See, why couldn't they have done this months ago. I love my hopper, but my joeys can sometimes be slow and buggy since its a feeder box. If this was available two months ago, I would still have my 922 and the hopper system. Instead I scrapped the 922 and got the hopper and 2 joey set up with...
  5. AntDogg65

    Hopper Search Issues

    OK, I didn't know.
  6. AntDogg65

    How much is the Hopper upgrade costing you?

    I was charged $67 for one hopper and two Joey's as I told them that I just paid $200 for a 922 lease fee in November 10'. So I talked them off of $400, then off of $200 to get down $67. The deal was so good, I bought a sling adapter to go with my Hopper system to keep my TV everywhere functionality.
  7. AntDogg65

    Hopper Search Issues

    Hey guys, I had a hopper and 2 Joey's installed yesterday and i love the system more than the 922 already. I have noticed that this system will not search by text at all. I tried single alphabet and full show names and nothing pops up. Not a deal breaker, but I want to know if there is a...
  8. AntDogg65

    922 BBMP Question

    Hey guys, So am I the only one that wonders why there is no blockbuster movie pass integration on the 922? I have a 722 in my bedroom and the 922 in my living room where I watch movies so this totally bites for me. Are there any plans this year to add 922 integration or do I need to get my...
  9. AntDogg65

    SEC Network in HD

    Hey Guys, I know that Dish doesnt control who gets the SEC Network so those answers are not needed to the question I am about to propose. What I want to know is that in Nashville, we get the main five locals in HD, ABC,NBC, etc... Why can't we get MYTV 30 in HD? Because the pq for the SD...
  10. AntDogg65

    How to find password on VIP722

    Hey guys, So I already have the 922 connected to the tv everywhere app, but I want to connect my 722 as well. I was wondering how you recover or set a password on the 722 as I didn't set it to begin with. Also, if I do find it, will this be what I need to connect my 722 to the everywhere app...
  11. AntDogg65

    TV One

    Thanks Tony. Preciate the insight
  12. AntDogg65

    TV One

    Just out of curiosity, why does Dish not have TV One at all? Was there a contract dispute or something?
  13. AntDogg65

    besides red zone, what is the point of the sports pack?

    Yep, I live in Tennessee and every time I turn it to one of the sports pack channels, I get the blackout from hell. So its decided, after football, I will get rid of it. Thanks guys.
  14. AntDogg65


    Does anyone if Dish is in the works to get Tvone in Hd, or even at all? My sister lives with me and my wife and this is the only channel she will watch for some reason. Any information would greatly be appreciated.
  15. AntDogg65

    so is that all this thing can do?

    Hey guys, I have recently returned to Dish after two years with D* and I am I. Love right now with E*. I have both the 722 and 922, as I returned mainly for.the 922. I love the sling and the menus, but is that all this thing will do? I remember hearing that this will have a full web browser and...
  16. AntDogg65

    besides red zone, what is the point of the sports pack?

    Hey guys, I recently returned to Dish after a two year hiatus and I'm in love with dish all over again. I love both my 922 and 722 and customer service is still great. The csr sold me on the sports pack with red zone and I get that, but when games are on the other networks there are always...
  17. AntDogg65

    PBS has Arrived!!

    Does anyone know if Nashville has gotten PBS by chance? Just switched back to dish and would love to have Sesame Street in HD for my 14 month old son.
  18. AntDogg65

    Some potentially interesting HD test channels

    I hope they add more test channels, I need Travel HD, that would be awesome!!!
  19. AntDogg65

    DIRECTV Confirms Channel Moves

    I'll be happy with more Cinemax channels as they have the blockbusters 1st. With that being said, Travel and AMC in HD I feel would be better than ten premiums. As more people watch channels like these more than Cinemax or any other premium. Don't get me wrong, what starz and showtime are doing...