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  1. HipKat

    NBC Olympics TV Experience App

    STB Models Available at Launch: Hopper, Hopper 2, Hopper 3, Hopper Duo, Joey, Joey 2, Joey 3, Super Joey, 4k Joey Launch Date: 07/23/2021 The NBC Olympics TV Experience is a rebrand from the DISH Multi-Channel View that airs on channel 151. The NBC Olympics TV Experience displays either four...
  2. HipKat

    ABC App, Impressive

    Getting frustrated over not finding a place to watch/stream American Idol this year, I installed the ABC App. It's nice. Every full episode plus highlights are available, looks like a few days before you can see a full episode after it airs, and they strip out the commercials AND, it's free! I...
  3. HipKat

    Nvidia Pro Shield Audio Out Question

    To avoid hijacking the Roku/Firestick thread, I don't think I really paid attention with my Firestick, I'll have to dig it out and check, is Audio Output. The apps I stream with, we don't talk about here, BUT, those and YouTube show PCM on my Sound Bar (/Polk Magnifi-Max Sr. connected via HDMI...
  4. HipKat

    New Draft Kings App

  5. HipKat

    New Software Release 1/13

    THIS is a good thing! New software is available starting 1/13 and it has the following features and improvements: Stability Improvements Force Guide Update Force Guide Update Feature Notes: Users can now force channel guide update by on all Hopper and Wally receivers by using a button in...
  6. HipKat

    Guys, I'm worried...

    It's been a very long time since JSheridan has posted on here. I can't see his profile anymore - it's info is hidden - so I don't know his last login and the last time I DID talk to him in PM was in February. He wanted to know how my CT Scan was going to be and when I told him shortly after my...
  7. HipKat

    Very Strange Issue

    Had a tech ask this question in a company email and it's one I've never seen before, so I bring it the experts!! I have a customer that had a hopper 3 and joey 3. The joey would not get the correct time from the hopper unless it was reset, then it would keep that same time until it was reset...
  8. HipKat

    2FA Security

    Recently, my account on another forum was accessed and the Admin there recommended I take advantage of the 2FA option that (I didn't know) they have enabled for that site. With this kind've thing becoming more and more of an issue online, have you ever considered adding it here?
  9. HipKat

    We Value Your Privacy

    Why is this showing up on every page? I've accepted it and in the other options 20 times
  10. HipKat

    Hopper 3 U543 released

    Amazon Prime Video is now available on Hopper 3! A new software version has deployed to Hopper 3. This software will feature Amazon Prime Video! Amazon Prime Video (APV) is a premium subscription streaming service that offers customers an unmatched collection of TV shows and movies—all with...
  11. HipKat

    Amazon Prime

    Is starting to be pushed to internal, in-house techs’ Hopper 3’s for final testing This tells me a few things. 1) Soon they’ll be pushing it out to the general public. 2) it looks to me like it’s only going to be on the Hopper 3
  12. HipKat

    Excessive Signal Loss

    About a month ago, my Sirius (not XM) Dash Kit (Not sure of the Model name anymore) started losing signal often, going to Check Antenna Connection and Acquiring Signal, sometimes with no trees around. I replaced everything; the dock, the antenna, the power and even shelled out 75 bucks for a new...
  13. HipKat

    ACC IS Here

    I just got the email Great news! ESPN and DISH have an agreement in principle to distribute the ACC Network on DISH TV just in time for tonight’s opener between the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and the #1 ranked Clemson Tigers. You can find tonight’s game on channel 402.
  14. HipKat

    Strange Thing With LG PLex App

    I have Plex on my Hopper 3, Firestick and my 4 yr old LG TV App. My LG Optical output is PCM only. I have no idea why, but regardless, it's why I normally run optical out on the hopper with my Polk 5.1 SS System. When the output is PCM/Stereo, the power light is white. When it's Dolby Digital...
  15. HipKat

    New Software Coming Tonight

    Supposedly and part of it is to integrate Google Assistant into the Voice Remote. And a lot of techs who t est this new stuff don't like it. They say it doesn't recognize commands like the way it does now
  16. HipKat

    Dish is Down

    For you guys, trying to get into will not work and for us technicians we can’t do anything like activate, modify jobs, etc and there’s no timetable on when it will be fixed. Figured I’d come here and let you guys know
  17. HipKat

    Hopper/Sling - U718

    Not sure what's in it yet, but the first Hopper/Sling I just pre-downloaded is showing U718
  18. HipKat


    Well I think I know why Netflix is disappearing from hoppers. For the first time today I saw that there are 94,000 titles available on On Demand Sent from my SM-N950U using the SatelliteGuys app!
  19. HipKat

    New Fee To Add Joey

    Well, I don't like this. There's a $10 fee to add a joey, aka the $25 fee for WiFi Joeys, unless you're a 1 Star Customer with Dish Protect Gold. This going to be a double nightmare when Sales reps do upgrades from VIP to Hopper Duo and not add the needed Joey for TV2 - which is very common...
  20. HipKat

    New On-Demand Commercial

    Today was the 1st time I heard the On Demand commercials touting over 80,000 shows and movies on VOD. Mine still shows 15,000 so they must not be uploaded yet, but I guess the rumor that Dish was adding 70,000+ Titles was true