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  1. MattJ2124

    Directv HD Easter Sunday Ad

    Anybody get this ad today? It is a Directv fold out ad utilizing their new "To Tell The Truth" campaign. It highlights their HD DVR + HD receivers, breaks down their packages, talks about DVR scheduler for your cell phones, talks about Starz and Showtime, AND THEN at the bottom discusses their...
  2. MattJ2124

    Hats Off To Direct Tech

    So, my two year old H20-600 (I believe that is what is was) died, no picture, kept resettin itself and then was stuck at the white Directv screen searching for sat signal (my other four receivers were working fine). Being a 9 yr customer, I knew all the steps and the switch outs, still nothing...
  3. MattJ2124

    360 Rep

    Hey, When I go in to check my rep (I only have three stars) it states "cannot retrieve player review info" does this mean that nobody has rated me yet? I have tried this a couple of days and get the same thing.:confused: Side note: reason asking, playing Horde on Gears 2 and I am on mic...
  4. MattJ2124

    Directv 1080p support

    I have a Sony Bravia model KDL52W3000 that supports 1080p. I have an HR21-700 hooked up to it (hdmi) with it set to native. My receiver received the forced download of 0290 and I noticed that under the HDTV menu for resolutions, that 1080p is available, but when I check off that option, it...
  5. MattJ2124

    Dead Space

    Well, Gamestop coaxed me into reserving Dead Space that is coming out this upcoming Tuesday or Wednesday. I was going to wait for it to come out so I could read up on the reviews before I sprung the $60 bucks on it, but they went on and on about how it is supposed to be like "BioShock", game...
  6. MattJ2124

    Force Unleashed

    What about this Force Unleashed???? I played the demo and it seemed to be pretty solid, and I thought the visuals were awesome. But I am seeing that the game is getting tanked by the reviews......X-play gave it a 2 out of 5 this evening basically calling it terrible. Anybody playing this...
  7. MattJ2124

    Siren PS3

    Hey guys, I was on the Playstation Store the other day and saw that they are offering episode downloads of SIREN??? I am pretty up to date on my gaming news and such but havent really heard a whole lot about this game. I did download the demo and I am going to try it out tonight, I am a big...
  8. MattJ2124

    Soul Caliber IV Vader or Yoda?

    Have both systems, want this game, comes down to the special characters?? Which one is more fun to play---Vader or Yoda????????
  9. MattJ2124

    Alone in the Dark

    Hey, I am a big Alone in the Dark fan, but I am hearing rumors that the current game to be released this week is terrible?????? Anybody hear anything about this? I would hate to spend the dreaded sixty bucks on something that sucks, let me know...(I have all three systems, so it doesnt matter...
  10. MattJ2124

    XBOX Live and AOL Broadband

    A couple of nights ago I decided to take the plunge and get on XBOX live. So I hooked my cable modem up and tried to get on and couldnt. I couldnt figure out what the problem was until I researched it online and found out that XBOX Live does not work with AOL Broadband? Does anyone know why...
  11. MattJ2124

    Question about XBOX 360 wireless network adapter

    Excuse my ignorance. I am trying to figure out what this does. I have AOL broadband on my computer upstairs (that is where the cable modem is located) and my 360 downstairs hooked up to my home theater. If I buy the wireless network adapter for the 360 ($99 at most places I believe), will...
  12. MattJ2124

    Terminated from DISH

    Hey guys, just to give you a heads up, I was terminated from DISH today for giving out advice on this website. I guess echostar has people that monitor these sites, they pulled up my threads or posts and displayed them to me and then walked me out. No big deal, I am a math teacher and this was...
  13. MattJ2124

    Local Channel Sat. went out???

    I live in the Youngstown area, so I am required to have two sat. dishes, one for my regular stuff, the other for my locals. Anyway, my Philips Tivo 7000 series lost the second sat signal completely and I lost my locals. I was a little confused because nothing happened to my dish and I was...