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  1. ggw2000

    Tale of the "Hopper Snap"

    A week ago yesterday I started having problems with my Super Joey to start. It was coming up with the TV activity screen on it's own and showing 0 tuners, the interface was also giving me all kind of whacky problems and a reset or plug pull did not fix it. Just shortly after all this started my...
  2. ggw2000

    Hopper 3 with DPP44 switch diagram

    Current setup is 1000.4 (EA) with a DPP LNBF to a DPP44 switch. I have a HWS and SJ running off a solo node and integrator. This setup allows me to setup/activate my 211K when I want to. I know that a while back I had a wiring diagram that showed me how to run a Hopper 3 and a joey off from the...
  3. ggw2000

    WOW-that's whacky- HWS

    Been with Dish about 20 years now and obviously have gone through a lot of receivers in that timeframe but never anything like I saw yesterday! Turned on the HWS and went into the DVR as I wanted to check "scheduled" recordings. The times that were there were all screwed up as to what they...
  4. ggw2000

    Screensave on Hopper (?)

    Not trying to interrupt the Fox dispute :). Back in the spring I was reading a Dish forum of sorts somewhere where a few different people were complaining that the Hopper did not have a screen saver implemented. These people for the most part were owners of OLED tvs. The Dish rep on the forum...
  5. ggw2000

    Adding 2nd 211K to 1000.4 dish

    I currently have a 1000.4 dish with a 211K hooked to the 61.5 port (I think). I want to add a 2nd 211k and run a cable to the LNB (hooked to adjacent 72.7 port). Will this work and if so will I get all the programming that i have on the original 211K? Thanks, Gerry
  6. ggw2000

    Hopper 3 output resolutions?

    Currently have a HWS and am thinking about a Hopper 3. On the HWS you can only set the output to 720P or 1080i. Is it the same for the Hopper 3? Overall PQ on Dish is quite pathetic on a 75" screen. Video compression is terrible. Is the H3 PQ any better than the HWS? Thanks, Gerry
  7. ggw2000

    Joey 3 ?

    I see that Dishdepot has a listing for a Joey 3? Didn't know that one existed. If so, how is it different from the Joey 2 when used with a Hopper 3? Thanks, Gerry
  8. ggw2000

    Email- "Dish Outdoors" survey?

    Received an email from dish outdoors this morning asking me to participate in a survey. This may have already been discussed but I don't remember. I have a HWS/SJ and a 211K on my account (that I use in our RV in summer). The email asks you to pick a choice to start survey and it is as follows...
  9. ggw2000

    S542 causing HDCP errors w/component cables

    The other day I installed an OPPO 203 UHD player. It has an HDMI input on it and I hooked the HWS HDMI output to it. I ran a set of component cables directly to the TV from the HWS also. In order to make things simpler for the wife for using the Harmony remote I setup a Activity to use the TV...
  10. ggw2000

    PTAT- Autohop Delay ?

    With new shows starting for the most part next Monday, I can't remember what the Autohop delay is for the 4 different networks? I believe CBS is still 7 days? Not sure about the rest... Anyone know exactly what the current delay is for: CBS, NBC, ABC, & FOX ? Thanks, Gerry
  11. ggw2000

    HWS recordings randomly short?

    In January I purchased a HWS & SJ, turned on PTAT and set timers for the shows that we wanted out of the PTAT stream. Everything was working fine until around mid May when all of a sudden I started getting random recordings that are 3-5 minutes short. One show actually only recorded for about 3...
  12. ggw2000

    HWS- Sling not working?

    Installed my HWS to replace 722K a little over a week ago. Decided to wait until things settled out in order to try Dish Anywhere. Tried it today with two different computers and two different browsers (chrome/edge) results is no guide or live TV available.. Both computers are seeing the HWS and...
  13. ggw2000

    HWS- PTAT Save Series Icons?

    It's been a little over a week since I installed my HWS/SJ. I setup all my timers and did "save series" for all the shows I want to automatically save from PTAT on the nightly basis. I really do like the HWS but why don't the shows that I am doing the "save series" on show any kind of Icon in...
  14. ggw2000

    PTAT- couple more ? from HWS Newbie

    I got my purchased HWS/SJ installed setup and activated on Saturday! Thanks to all who helped me with all the questions I had last week. This is so much different than the 722Ks and really slick. Can't believe how well the wife is picking up on UI which is a real plus.. I know that everyone is...
  15. ggw2000

    HWS and Dish Peaking ?

    My purchased HWS/SJ are on there way :). I have been searching Youtube and watching as many videos as I can in trying to learn the interface compared to my VIPs. One video that I watched said that you can no longer use a Hopper to peak your SAT dish? This sounds pretty stupid to me as I have...
  16. ggw2000

    722K EHD to HWS

    As mentioned last week, I decided to go with the purchase of a HWS/SJ to replace my 2 722K owned receivers. I have about 45 hrs of recordings on one of the 722K that I need to move to an EHD in order to save the content. I believe that the EHD with the recordings on it is completely compatible...
  17. ggw2000

    ? for folks with current HWS & Superjoey (only please)

    I have now found myself in a dilemma having waited for the announcement of the H3. Last year I was thinking about going with a HWS & SJ to get more tuners. Currently have 2- 722Ks and a 211K (used at home occasionally and RV in summer). The 722K hooked up to the main TV in living room is killing...
  18. ggw2000

    HWS PQ

    In looking at the specs for the HWS it appears that there is an option to output 1080P? Currently I have a 722K (1080i) and have heard that the Hopper outputs a better signal resulting in a better picture? I know this is subjective but what are your thoughts coming from a VIP to Hopper. PQ is...
  19. ggw2000

    SuperJoey- work standalone?

    Can't seem to find an answer to this ?. Since a Superjoey has a tuner in it will it work as a standalone receiver or must it be connected to a Hopper unit to work? Thanks, Gerry
  20. ggw2000

    722K- OTA guide data?

    This has probably been discussed before but I can't seem to find it. Apologies in advanced. I have the OTA module on my 722k and a antenna in attic. I was picking up two channels and the guide data showed up in guide. I installed a different antennae and now pickup four channels. The problem is...