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  1. ParaclipseCKu

    ASC-1 Lost Count?

    I have been using the ASC-1 controller for about 5 months now. Really love how it works! However I'm having a problem that did not occur with my G-Box controller. I'm almost always off about 8-10 counts to the West and have to move the dish 8-10 counts to land on the satellite. I have tried...
  2. ParaclipseCKu

    2 Receivers to 1 Dish

    Trying to get a feel for the preferred way to use 2 receivers with 1 dish without looping the signal through one of the receivers. Thanks for any and all input!
  3. ParaclipseCKu

    Tivo Romio Setup

    Having some issues setting up the Tivo on Brighthouse in Palm Bay FL. First I was not getting any channels except for the local broadcast networks. This was after being on the phone with BH support for 30+ minutes. They sent a tech out yesterday and he put in a call to BH and shortly after...
  4. ParaclipseCKu

    GEOSATpro Deleting Channels

    Before I delete any channels in MicroHD what is the safest way to do so? via the box itself or using the editor program?
  5. ParaclipseCKu

    Dual Ortho + 1

    Without getting too complicated here is what I'm trying to do: I have a dual-ortho C/Ku on my 10ft dish. I just put into service a small (6ft) Unimesh on AMC-8. My wiring currently has 4 lines from the dual-ortho back to the house and into a Zinwell 4x8 multi-switch. As the cable run is...
  6. ParaclipseCKu

    Grounding C-Band Dish

    Other than the usual ground rods at the dish and tying that back to the service panel ground, is anyone doing anything with the control lines from antenna to receiver?
  7. ParaclipseCKu

    AMC-18 Nasa-TV Problem

    I'm having a really rough time pulling Nasa-TV in on AMC-18 (3760V). I have tried several different receivers, replaced a few suspect F-connectors and even a fresh run of RG-6. The dish is a Sami 10ft with a Dual-Ortho feed. C-Band LNBS are Norsat 8115's. NBC on horizontal comes in fine. Along...
  8. ParaclipseCKu

    Azbox Premium Plus Power Supply Internal Hard Drive

    I recently added a Plus to my collection along with my Ultra's. I swapped one of the drives from the Ultra to the Plus (green low power drive recommended here) and the next day while watching the PS quit. Just wondering for those of you that had the PS problem if you were or were not using an...
  9. ParaclipseCKu

    Telstar 14 SCETV to cease

    Not sure if this is news or not but I just saw a slate on T14 that as of July 31 2011 satellite services will end and programming will be streamed.
  10. ParaclipseCKu

    SRL Call

    I received a call a short time ago from SRL. My call id showed DSN Satellite. The person on the phone wanted to know if I was still using my c-band dish and if I knew that the programming was going to end on Jan 10th. She also stated that they are partnered with Directv if I decide to go that...
  11. ParaclipseCKu

    C/Ku Dual Orthomode Feed-DSR 922 ?

    I'm in the process of installing my C/Ku Dual Ortho feed. Specifically I'm looking for a diagram showing the cabling from feed to power inserters, multiswitch, FTA Recv, and 4DTV Recv. I'm running into some problems and I'm not 100% sure if its cabling or Feed positioning. Thanks for your...
  12. ParaclipseCKu

    Authorization Status: MP ?

    I'm trying to help a friend get a 922 running. We have good signal going to the receiver quality is at 93. Digicipher light is on. Authorization status is MP. Unit Id numbers are the same on the back of the unit and via the menu. I was able to download the guide. Any suggestions?
  13. ParaclipseCKu

    What do do...Almost 6 ft Unimesh

    My almost 6ft Unimesh that I had been using for Nasa on AMC-3 is currently sitting on unused since I now have the 10ft ground mount Sami. (Which is performing beyond my wildest expectations !:)) Any suggestions about what satellite to point the Unimesh at? Or possibly put it on a polar mount...
  14. ParaclipseCKu

    A C-Band Dish on the the ground

    I now have an honest to goodness C-band dish on the ground!:) SatelliteGuys Photo Gallery - Sami Front View - Powered by PhotoPost After struggling for the last 20+ years with dishes on the roof (because of LOS issues or so I thought). My Paraclipse took a bad hit this past March and is now...
  15. ParaclipseCKu

    Paraclipse 3.8M Looking for a Home

    I have a 3.8M Paraclilpse Classic on my roof that is looking for a good home. The storm last weekend did a number on the dish after 19 years. My mount is no longer plumb and one piece of mesh is partially blown out. The dish is located in Southern CT and the taker would need to develop a safe...
  16. ParaclipseCKu

    Coolsat 5000

    Just picked up a used Coolsat 5000 and was wondering from of those of you that have this receiver what version firmware you are recommend. It appears to have the orginal factory firm dated Oct 2005 1.00.
  17. ParaclipseCKu

    Unimesh 5'9" AMC-6 Project

    It took a few weeks and I finally got the latest dish put together. Actually put the entire thing together in the living room and then hauled it out to the yard. Compared to the other dishes this one looks like it didn't take its vitamins! Not going to have alot of time before the snow comes in...
  18. ParaclipseCKu

    Thanks Everyone

    Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all the great information here. Finding Satellite Guys has really brought the fun back to the hobby for me. :) Just plain technical information without complaints about what we don't receive anymore. Reminds me when I started in the '80s and found a...
  19. ParaclipseCKu

    New But Old

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone. New here but not new to satellite! I have had a dish since the late 80's. My most recent addition is the 90cm Ku dish and motor and can't believe how well that performs across the arc! Thanks to all the posters for lots of good information. I hope to be...