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  1. wied

    Problems after software upgrade

    I woke up this morning with a message that my HD needed to be formatted! After several cancels finally decided to format and lose all of my recordings and timers. Call to DISH technical service with no help and them telling me that all of my timers were lost I finally figured out how to...
  2. wied

    922 or 722K with Sling Pro-HD

    Just called Dish they will give me a 722K for free (with a 24 month commitment) or I can pay $200 and get a 922. Would it be better to the the free 722K and use the $200 to get a Sling Pro-HD?
  3. wied

    Duo DVR(722) VS. Duo Receiver(222)

    I know what the difference is but what if I get two 222 to replace my 522 and 622 and attach external hard drives to them. How different does the 222 operate than the 622? Can you still setup reoccurring recordings(Timers)? Is the unit time based or name based? What are the draw backs? Any...
  4. wied


    now that it is May is there any updates on the the release date for the 922? Also has Dished fixed the signal problems with the over the air module?
  5. wied

    Media Center question

    If I have and HD media center can I watch HD programs on the DVR on and SD set top box?
  6. wied

    Has anyone heard of HVD

    Has anyone seen this HVD Alliance. These disk hold 1TB of data per layer. From what I am reading it look like it might release in time to make both Blu-ray and HD DVD obsolete.
  7. wied

    DVR advantage

    I have a question with the new DVR advantage package when it says all fees included is that for all of the DVRs on the account or only the first?
  8. wied

    Fios in Wylie, Texas

    Does anyone have Fios in Wylie, Texas? I was wondering about price. I can't seem to find any info on bundle pricing on their website. If I get phone, TV and highspeed internet. What will the price be?
  9. wied

    Response from my congressman

    Just that I would share.
  10. wied

    4 Pocket Dish questions

    1: With pocket dish does it copy or move content from receiver? 2: Can you copy/move DVR content? 3: Can you copy/move back to receiver 4: Can you copy/move back to other receivers on same account?
  11. wied

    E* satillite launches?

    Is E* that comfortable with their satellites to only launch one all of next year. While D* just launched 9S and looks like they will be launching Spaceway 3 in May and DirecTV 10,11 next fall. It look like what D* has been saying about wait until 2007 might be true after all.
  12. wied

    Echostar 11

    What is E* 11 going to be used for?
  13. wied

    Hallmark Movie channel

    Does anyone know if this channel will be add to any other package besides the family pack?
  14. wied

    Just found 622 Feature

    Some may already know this but I though I would post it anyways. Many people always say they wish E* DVR had the max number of a certain program to keep on the disk. Well the 622 has this feature: If you press the DVR button 3 times Then select the timers button Then select one of your setup...
  15. wied

    Dpp 44

    I just found this for those of you that need a DPP 44 switch which E* will not or can not provide Only 14 available
  16. wied

    HDMI to DVI

    My neighbor called Dish and told them his 622 did not ship with this cable and they sent him one. When I called they said it was my responsibility, and yes I called several time to try to get a different answer. Has any one else been able to get Dish to ship them this cable?
  17. wied

    Who do I call?

    Does any one know who to call to get my install moved up? I order my 622 install on 2/1/06 at around 10:00 AM. Was told an install date of 3/7/06. Called back 2 days later to verify and was told my install is 3/31/06 due to lack of 622. This was OK since I have waited over a year since I...
  18. wied


    This is not a great deal post but did not know which forum to post in. Just wanted to warn everyone to beware of They advertise great deal but they are contingent on rebates that you have to send in 6 months later, and then they will reject them in all most every case. Just...
  19. wied

    Can someone try this?

    Just had an idea but have not received my 622 yet. What happens if you connect a 622 to a 522/625/942/921 wonder if it will let you transfer recordings between the two units. Can someone try this?
  20. wied

    Tech chat recap?

    Will someone post the tech chat recap? Or the chat transcript?