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  1. grc

    NCAA Bracket Challenge - channel 148

    If you go to channel 148 there is an interactive NCAA Basketball tournament bracket challenge. It is kind of fun filling it out. Someone will win $1 million.
  2. grc

    The challenge of RVing with dish

    We've talked before about the challenge of using Dish with a tripod when RVing - the focus on aiming the dish. I have a different sort of issue. We're in a place that won't allow anything on the grass, I my tripod is set up on the concrete pad. It is anchored by a 5 gallon bucket of water...
  3. grc

    Correct elevation?

    I'd appreciate some help understanding this. When I aim the dish, the markings on the dish don't match up with dishpointer or the phone app. Where I am right now, both the website and app say the elevation should be 44 degrees. However, once I get the satellite signal, the markings on the...
  4. grc

    Gallery by Dish Scapes is interesting

    The free preview of Gallery on 198 has already been mentioned, but I thought it might be fun to have a thread in which the various offerings are reviewed. Our favorite so far is Mountain Scapes 2020. There is a lot of pretty scenery with natural sounds. The feature I like best is that the...
  5. grc

    Hopper 3 authorization from satellite or internet (or both)?

    Pardon the double posting. I asked too many questions in a previous thread and this one seems to have gotten lost. I may be without a satellite signal for a couple of months. It sounds like that even if I don't pause my account that at some point the receiver will sense a lack of...
  6. grc

    Watching Hopper 3 recordings while account is paused

    There's a possibility that we are going to be in a place where we won't have a satellite signal for a couple of months. I'm thinking about pausing my account. No need to spend the money if I can't use the service. However, I have lots of things recorded that I'd like to be able to watch. If...
  7. grc

    Hopper 3 - HDMI inputs

    I have two HDMI devices connected to my TCL TV. Both work okay. However, when I use the second HDMI device and try to return to the Hopper 3 (latest software download) it is sluggish or non-responsive, giving the 0 of 0 turners in use error. The only "fix" is to reboot the Hopper 3. Then...
  8. grc

    Game finder says "game data is limited"

    When I use Game Finder my Hopper 3 just sits there and spins. To the right of the screen there's a yellow exclamation mark and "Game data is limited. Please connect to the internet." I checked the internet connect and it says all is good. I can use the voice remote feature and it works fine...
  9. grc

    Frustrating - have you done this?

    Twice now I have seen a marathon on that I wanted to record. I set the Hopper up to record all, new and old but forget the stupid 20 show maximum. By the time I catch it the Hopper has deleted all the first season or more. I know that there's a setting for "record all" but I don't use it...
  10. grc

    Dish Anywhere without using data?

    Our internet is via a Jetpack - using cell data. Is it possible to stream a recorded program on the Hopper 3 to a Dish Anywhere device in the bedroom without using data (WiFi from Hopper to the device or does the stream have to be via the Internet? Thanks.
  11. grc

    0 of 0 Tuners error

    Just got the Hopper 3 yesterday and have twice had to reboot, getting the infamous 0 of 0 Tuners error. I see lots of discussion about it here, including information saying a software update was supposed to fix it. My shows it is running U544 - reporting that it updated early this morning...
  12. grc

    Mount Hopper 3 vertically?

    Can a Hopper 3 be mounted vertically? Dealing with a space issue here.
  13. grc

    Can get 61.5 but not 72.7

    We had a big storm last night and it blew my tripod over - anchored and all. The "fold around" corner of the dish is bent. I set it back up and ended up going through a complete setup to get any satellite signal at all. Finally got 61.5 to come in, however it is considerably weaker on the...
  14. grc

    Dish Scapes on 199 is interesting

    This is a spin off of the Yule Log - right now it is showing a western scene with moving parts and quiet sound effects.
  15. grc

    Program Guide Episode Numbers

    I wonder why the episode numbers are so random on the program guide? Not expecting a solution - I just download an episode guide from elsewhere and watch series based on title, but it seems strange that the episode numbers on the program guide don't work.
  16. grc

    A reason to run check switch when setting up the dish - RVing

    Through the years I've had more times than I can remember when, after fighting with setting up the dish I discovered some kind of coax issue. Last night, I battled for an hour or so before I decided to run check switch. I don't have an expensive meter, so I depend on the receiver when aiming...
  17. grc

    RV Installaton: Home Style Dish and Hopper?

    I have a VIP722K that I've used in the RV (fulltime) for several years. Dish keeps offering me a Hopper but I have been hesitant because I see people saying that Dish won't install in a RV. Has anyone gotten the Hopper 3 for use in a RV? Also, I have the 2 LNB Eastern Arc set to swap out...
  18. grc

    Steps to swapping eastern and western arc LNBs

    After my recent travel adventure swapping from western and eastern LNBs I'm thinking I need a better understanding of the steps involved in making the swap. At what point do you run the check switch? As soon as you make the physical swap? After you get signals on the swapped out LNBs? If...
  19. grc

    LNB Problem?

    We travel in our RV and I have a 2 LNB eastern arc (61.5 and 72.7) that I swap out with the western arc LNB's as we change areas. I have done this many times so I think I know what I am doing. Yesterday, though, I couldn't get both 61.5 and 72.7 at the same time. When aimed correctly, I got a...