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  1. dfecarter

    Best Long range UHF outdoor antenna

    Hi am interested in opinions ... am now considering trying reception with a Winegard HD 7698P , as my Yagi antenna, used with the Kitz 100 pre-amp. , has had a tough time locking in some chs. especially when windy (trees) however I am concerned about investing in a new antenna with the repack...
  2. dfecarter

    Question about grounding (lightning/surge protection)

    Hi about a month or two ago I was the "victim" of an lightening storm and power loss. 6 weeks later and about $125 poorer I have restored my 8 ft. c-band system and it's components. Although I'll never know whether the culprit was the power loss and restoration and accompanying surge or the...
  3. dfecarter

    CBS Feed on 97W (C-band)

    what's the deal with getting video on CBS feed tp4100/V/29858, never picked up the tp before scanning with my new Amiko RE STB , get descent signal strength but only get audio, should I try changing the SR a bit? thanks,
  4. dfecarter

    DTV Converter recommendations

    I reactivated my OTA antenna system recently (inc. new antenna in attic). I bought a ViewTv AT-163 DTV box. I have 2 tv sets using the signal. At first I didn't realize the signal strength disparity but now it is clear that the set (32" Roku TV) that is drawing the OTA signal from the ViewTv...
  5. dfecarter

    OTA Antenna Recommendations?

    Hi I sub to Frontier Cable but have had various ota antennas to supplement my tv reception. I am looking for a compact yet solid unit, stationary, directional preferably able to mount on a small mast such as a j mount, on the outside of my roof. I bought a View TV wa-2608, which was cheap and...
  6. dfecarter

    Luken reception problems

    Have not been finding any of the Luken Mux on 83W since yesterday. This is on my 8 foot unimesh, get the regular mexican chs. and PA Cable Net. I usually get these chs. with about 70% signal strength. Anyone else?
  7. dfecarter

    transponder question on 99W C-band

    I've noticed on 99W (C-Band) I can get the Mux @ 3845/H/8700 Fox-Missouri, METV and Movies comes in very strong, when I scan however in search of the Virgin Isles NBC, This and Cozi from PR @ 3811/H/8030 can not pick up ( I have in the past and it's tricky on my 8 footer). I do pick up a...
  8. dfecarter

    problems with chs on 101w

    On c-band I have been having problems with Heroes, Movies and Decades. Can lock in Me Tv no problem, GEB but not Blue Ocean and mnet( Ised to however) When I do a blind scan the channels l comes up but no picture, Transponder 3960 (one of 3)/Vertical Pol. SR 2735 , sometimes I see the Quality...
  9. dfecarter

    Can't find Luken chs. on 83W

    I saw Retro Tv a little before 6pm. (Lucy?) now all Lukens appear to be missing, at least for me in CT on my 8' Dish. Anyone else?
  10. dfecarter

    PA Cable Net Gone?

    went to watch weather world on PCN at 5:30 and it would not come up in the normal slot! Did a scan and didn't pick it up...hoping it's only temporary? Anyone else?
  11. dfecarter

    Titanium Satellite CK1S Combo C & KU Bands LNBF

    So I finished installing a new 8' unimesh dish last week. It is motorized, LNBF is Titanium CK1S , receiver is an X2 Premium 1V FTA box in conjunction with a Titanium ASC1 positioner. I have programmed in 13 C-band sats in to my receiver, which has been saved in the ASC1. I have every reason to...
  12. dfecarter

    OTHER probems with ch editing - X2 Premium 1V

    Hi, 90% of the time when I attempt to edit channel names in my X2 square technology premium 1V FTA rec. , I get an error message saying "out of range". I have tried a combination of orders/formats but there doesn't seem to be any rhythm of reason to it! Just wondering if there are others out...
  13. dfecarter

    Anik F-1R/G1 KU Signal

    I just set a new 8' inimesh FTA dish and since I don't have a positioner connected with the actuator yet, it is parked at 107.3W . I am using a C/KU combo LNB. I scanned c-band and got most if not all of what I should (nice stuff!). On the KU side nothing. Not one signal from a blind scan. Now I...
  14. dfecarter

    Question about Xsquare premium 1V receiver

    Have been using an XSquare FTA receiver for a while, for KU band reception. Am now working on an 8 foot c/ku unimesh install in my backyard. I will take down my 90CM Fortec Ku dish. This receiver only has 1 coaxial FTA (or OTA I guess) input. Do I need to make sure I pick up a different receiver...
  15. dfecarter

    how much cement for dish pole?

    So I am going to be cementing an 8' dish pole soon. The hole is 23 in. wide (diameter) and 36 in. deep anyone have experience with such a job...say number of 60 lb fast setting cement bags. Is it square or cubic yards? or neither...thanks
  16. dfecarter

    recommendations being sought

    Am about to set up an 8 foot micro-mesh dish for c/ku reception. Would appreciate recommendations for an 18" dish actuator and a C/KU feedhorn for this dish. I know there is a more economical combo feedhorn sold (Titanium ?) with somewhat mixed reviews. Looking for quality but also economy. Any...
  17. dfecarter

    opinion on small c-band dishes

    Am considering getting a 180CM Mesh dish or a 165CM Prime Focus dish. Hoping to receive descent number (40%) of c-band transponders. Size and $ are a consideration to me, would appreciate any input and LNB rec. for this dish, preferably c-band only LNB not LNB/KU combo.
  18. dfecarter

    83W on 90CM KU dish?

    Am trying to find a way to pick up Retro Tv! Not available over the air (zip 06801) , used to get it via 97W Ku band before luken moved to 83W. Have a 90cm ku band dish (fortec offset) ...any shot of picking up the luken transponders with a c-band LNB and one of those cone things? Can't find a...
  19. dfecarter

    Luken Communications to stream thier channels soon? anyone have more info about this?
  20. dfecarter

    Kodi question

    Hi, Have an Avov STB. Came with Kodi built in. Have installed a few descent URL video add on apps. Has anyone ever come across a iptv live streaming feed/ch. link URL, or otherwise - of Retro TV channel (the over the air channel/sun channel) that was recently dropped from 97W on KU Band? I...