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  1. KyDave

    Is the 722k receiver obsolete?

    Is there a monthly cost difference between HWS+Joey and H3+Joey?
  2. KyDave

    Monthly cost difference from 722K to either HWS+Joey or H3+Joey

    Been holding on to my 722K for many years and has served us well. Have held off upgrading to Hoppers due to (perceived?) increase in monthly cost. Have been exploring an upgrade (Hopper+Joey) lately. Have been a sub since '97. Wanting to confirm what my monthly increase would be. For some...
  3. KyDave

    Dish Network's Charlie Ergen 2017 Pay Rises to $2.4 Million

    Much smaller savings - 21 cents. And that's annually - monthly, less than 2 cents. 2.4 mil / 11 mil subs (mentioned in article).
  4. KyDave

    Package pricing

    A big thank you to the folks providing the $10 and $5 discount info! Satguys strikes again. Just set this up on the phone (required 'next level' support....) and about 25 minutes total (mostly hold time) but it worked! $360 over 2 years. Would have used dirt but no one available.
  5. KyDave

    New Hybrid LNB coming Dec. 10

    Amazing, thanks.
  6. KyDave

    New Hybrid LNB coming Dec. 10

    If I were to have an H3 + 2 wireless joey setup, would that only require one line into house? With the access point plugged into the H3?
  7. KyDave

    Dish products that missed the mark or never made it to market

    There was a remote with a full keyboard on the bottom that Scott showed a few years back. Too bad that never worked out, even as an optional purchase from their store.
  8. KyDave

    Anything else?

    One minor thing I miss (sorry if already brought up!) is the start date of the member on postings. Handy to get an idea of how long a poster has been on the site.
  9. KyDave

    New DISH Uplink Software!

    Thanks, guys!
  10. KyDave

    So what do you think?

    Got to admit - a lot of fun! Especially with the song name showing up near the top of pages. That encourages me to turn it on when I see a song I like. My 2 cent comment - at least on the player that Firefox used by default - it says CLICK HERE TO PAUSE - while a better description might be...
  11. KyDave

    Survivor: Cagayan — Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty

    What I don't get is if the '6' were going to do a 3-3 vote anyway, why did Tony think he had to get someone else on board with him? He could have just voted with the other 3 for LJ.
  12. KyDave

    The Walking Dead on AMC

    What happened to the 'one f* bomb per season' plan that Breaking Bad had? I remember reading an article about that about a year ago or so.
  13. KyDave

    4/3/2014 6:32am - Uplink Activity Report - 2 changes

    Kinda like Carmen Sandiego..... "On Fox Sports San Diego."
  14. KyDave

    Hopper Fast Forward and Skip Forward Improvements & Recommendations

    Would love to be able to press (for example) the 6 and THEN the 30 skip - for a total of 3 minutes. The same logic they use for skipping ahead hours in the guide.
  15. KyDave

    Prime Time Anytime and Network Timers

    Don't have a Hopper but thought this might be a good place to ask this. Lets say there are 3 PTAT one hour shows on the same network and on the same night that I have setup to 'save'. 2 weeks have passed since recording, so by this time they should be moved to My Recordings. Assuming the...
  16. KyDave

    DISH channel title bar getting cut off with 16:9 aspect ratio

    Same here. Even their old standalone OTA digital tuner box (forgot the name) had anamorphic as an option when toggling format options. I think they called it FULL. That would be such a greatly appreciated enhancement to their vip/Tuner2 boxes.
  17. KyDave

    Vote For DISH

    How weird. I am seeing the 'virtual joey'. Voted!
  18. KyDave

    WMEU Channel 48 in HD from chicago

    Is that a threat?? :p:D:hatsoff::whistle::)
  19. KyDave

    Login error dishanywhere?

    No problem for me, FF v25.
  20. KyDave

    MyDISH.COM Down?

    On Firefox I just always have to hit 'enter' on the username that is already filled in. Then the red LOG IN button becomes enabled.