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  1. kb2kir

    GI DSR-410DS Battery

    Hi, Just took a voltage measurement of the battery in my '410. It reads 3.198 v. Is this good for a while yet, or does this measurement indicate a failure in the foreseeable future ?
  2. kb2kir

    DSR 410 Battery Replacement.

    I need to replace the battery in my newly acquired 910. I can find no procedure on Sat Guys . The 922 has a cylindrical battery, and the 910 has a button cell, so the procedure for the 922 will not work. Any ideas?
  3. kb2kir

    Voltage Polarity Switch.

    Hi Guys... I am in a bit of trouble. I lost the horizontal polarity on my BUD this morning. I traced the problem to the Channel Master voltage/ polarity switch. Model 6101Ifd I have searched and cannot find one anywhere. They have been discontinued. Are there and substitutes out there ? I am...
  4. kb2kir

    How to program W5 into DSR 905

    Can some one run me through how to program W5 into my DSR 905. I've completed my dish install (7.5 ft Winegard) and am ALMOST certain it's on W5. While I can't find how to do a 905, there are all kinds of help topics if you own a DSR 910 or 920. I tried them, but the 905's menu system is...
  5. kb2kir


    Hi Folks, Went for a walk around the back yard thru 18' of snow to do a site survey. I can only get 105w thru a large (10 year ) slot in the trees. If I expend the effort to erect the 7.5 ft Echostar, can I park it on 105w and get programming and re-hits for my DSR-905? The 10 ft Unimesh...
  6. kb2kir

    DSR905 Question

    Hey folks, Easy one.... I have a B1satstack LNB on my 10 footer. I have been told the DSR905 will not play well with it. Do I have the option to slave it off myCS6000? If so, how would the connections be made ?
  7. kb2kir

    H/H mount

    FYI While out on a road test this morning, passed a 10' mesh with an H/H mount. Read the phone # at 70 mph and called it when I returned to the shop... It's mine for 50 bucks. The guy would not part with it for free....I didn't get close enough to it to see the brand of the mount. More as it...
  8. kb2kir


    Hi Guys, I posted several weeks back that I now own a DSR-905. I now have another (7.5 ft.) dish to install. Upon installation, I will be limited to 105 and west to 137 or so due to trees and terrain. Is it worth the work ? Will it work. I want to subscribe using NPS or Skyvision... Also...
  9. kb2kir

    Yet Another free.........

    Picked up a 7.5 foot Echostar mesh over the weekend. Came with hornets, a single feed horn with polarotor, and a VonWeise actuator. The VonWeise is now on my 10 foot Unimesh and works great. I intend to plant the 7.5 on 105w in the spring so I can sub my DSR 905.
  10. kb2kir

    DSR 905

    Someone gave me a DSR-905. Is it of any use on C-band?? If so, can I get it subbed?
  11. kb2kir

    9 foot KTI Free for the taking. Norwich, NY

    9 foot KTI Free for the taking. Norwich, NY
  12. kb2kir

    Question about actuator.

    Hi, Folks.... I have what I believe is a Thompson Saginaw actuator (very heavy duty!) I'd like to use, but it has a potentiometer instead of a pulse generator feedback system. This will not work with my VboxV. Any way to convert this unit to a pulse type ? Some sort of universal kit maybe? This...
  13. kb2kir


    Finally got the 10 foot Unimesh on the pole last night with the help of some of the guys at my Ultralight flyers meeting. Now all I have to do is get it aligned. I got my new VboxV also and found it's a neat piece of equipment: change sats and the dish moves to the selected sat!
  14. kb2kir

    Traveling with DirecTv

    Hey Folks, Several months ago I asked if it were possible to use a DTV Hd receiver with a single LNB to get standard tv. The answer was yes. I borrowed an old 18" single LNB Dishnet dish and went out with the trailer . It worked great. My next question is can I use the Dishnet D/P twin LNB...
  15. kb2kir

    V-Box V

    Hey folks, New to this Diseqc motor control stuff. (I finally can set up Diseqc switches without looking at the directions) I just ordered a vboxv for my 10' unimesh. I am using a coolsat 6000 receiver. I intend to use either of the following, depending on requirements. (These are in my...
  16. kb2kir

    OTA With Rotator

    Hi, Folks, I have a dilemma. I live in upstate Ny, 13815. roughly in the center of a triangle formed by Binghamton, Syracuse and Utica. I have ordered an Antennas Direct 91XG for my digital reception. I am waiting for a local electronics guy to obtain a commercial grade pre-amp for me...
  17. kb2kir

    FTA on 119

    Just came from Lyngsat, and saw a few FTA channels. Networks, NASA and a few others. My question is can I get these with a pizza pan circular, or do I need a 1.2 mtr with a linear, a pizza pan with a linear or ???
  18. kb2kir

    Uniden Receiver

    Ok, fellas... The guy just dropped off the receiver. It's a Uniden UST-4500 w VCII module. Looks like it gets Ku too. Is it of any use?? Joe
  19. kb2kir

    Traveling with H20 reciever

    Hey Folks, Quick question: We will be traveling with our camper this summer, and I would like to bring the H20 along with us. I would like to know if I can use a single LNB dish in place of the five LNB to watch Standard def TV. The dish is an old DTV with single circular LNB.
  20. kb2kir

    Free Bud !!!

    YET ANOTHER FREE BUD!!! One of our new customers lives around the corner from me, it turns out. As I drove by their house this morning on my way to the shop, I happened to look in their back yard and saw a Bud. I called him at noon hour, and asked " if he would like it gone, and how much he had...