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  1. PeggyD

    Looking for ways to cut costs

    What is the least expensive package that includes my RSN?
  2. PeggyD

    I need to replace one of my 722k receivers

    I posted recently about a problem with recorded programs jumping to "live TV" when watching a program that was still recording. I reformatted the hard drive & it seems better, but it still happens. A diagnostic screen did say the hard drive was healthy. We currently have two 722k receivers - one...
  3. PeggyD

    722K suddenly jumps to "Live TV"

    This only happens on shows that are still recording. I record the local evening news & start viewing it about 20-30 minutes after the recording starts by selecting "start over" from the DVR menu. There is no pattern to when it will suddenly jump to live TV, but today it was less than 10 minutes...
  4. PeggyD

    722k acting up, can I get a DIRT response?

    Twice in the last couple of weeks my 722k has spontaneously rebooted. (Once in the middle of Felix's perfect game!) But mostly I keep getting signal loss screens on both OTA & sat channels. If I'm watching something delayed I can recover by pressing "recall" then "cancel" on the remote & the...
  5. PeggyD

    Returned DVD "in process" for weeks

    I received a DVD via mail that was cracked some time ago. I reported it as a problem & did receive another copy of the DVD shortly thereafter. Ever since though, this disc is listed as "in process" under Discs at Home. Now that I've gone back down to one disc at a time, I think this disc is...
  6. PeggyD

    What size pole is needed for a pole mount?

    We're going to be moving soon & would like to have a pole mount rather than attach the dish to the house. I've checked & there are no problems with LOS so I thought it would save time if my husband could install the pole.
  7. PeggyD

    722K hard drive failing

    We have two 722K receivers & the one my sons use is acting like the HD is failing. When playing recorded shows the video frequently freezes although the audio will continue. We tried a hard reset several times & it only improves for a short while. We do not currently have external hard drive...
  8. PeggyD

    OTA - Antenna TV guide info

    Is anyone who can get the new Antenna TV OTA getting the guide data on their Dish DVR? My 722k picked up the signal several days before the service went live, but it's been 2 weeks & my guide still shows "Digital Service." I can get the guide with TV Guide in EyeTV on my iMac so the guide info...
  9. PeggyD

    No ESPN HD

    I've always had problems with ESPN HD going in & out, but for the last 4 weeks or so, it's been out - no signal "Not Locked - Name Not Acquired!." I've also had intermittent problems with other channels on 110, but not as much. I thought it might be the dish needing re-peaking, so, when the...