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  1. trido

    HBO out?

    see other post
  2. trido

    NFL in 4K HDR YES

    Thought this is old news maybe not. FIRST TIME - PRO FOOTBALL IN 4K HDR! For the first time ever, DIRECTV has pro football in 4K HDR, with life-like picture quality, richer colors and four times the resolution of HD. Make sure to tune in on September 26th to catch Philadelphia at Green Bay on...
  3. trido

    ATT TV live in 10 cities

    Looks like started today for 10 cities. ATT TV AT&T TV: Live TV, DVR, On Demand, Apps & Voice Control One thing I dont understand or see what if i want this new service on multi SETS. I assume their box connects and is used by 1 TV only. Would our other sets in the house have to use some ATT TV...
  4. trido

    US OPEN mix channel

    Any one notice the Golfs US open mix ch is on ch 205,however nothing on ch 702,703,704 or 705 all off?Off if you click any of them.
  5. trido

    PGA GOLF 4k pic quality

    Must be my Samsung set but ch 703 is so much better than CH 105. Greens are so DULL for me on 4 k feed. CH 104 is just fine. Is this just me? HR54/200 C61K-700 Pic on 104 fine Pic on 105 POOR QUALITY washed out colors No reverse LNB I will add I checked our other Samsung Tv its on 4k via rvu...
  6. trido

    Directv NewsMix

    I wish Directv would bring back the NewsMix Channel.
  7. trido

    US open on ch 106

    if this been posted sorry. my son just txt me said US open is on ch 106 4k ,with a rain delay. DALLAS—AT&T and DirecTV are hitting the links once again, as the pair will once again offer 4K coverage of a major golf tournament, this time the U.S. Open. The companies previously provided special 4K...
  8. trido

    Uniden Advances Scanning with Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)

    Uniden Advances Scanning with Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Demonstrating our commitment to continually enhance the value and relevance of your investment in Uniden products, today we announce the latest upgrades for our flagship BCD436HP and BCD536HP scanners. Soon, owners of these scanners will...
  9. trido

    4K channels are on

    Ch 104,105,106 4K are live.
  10. trido

    Amateur Radio and DMR

    Anyone interested on info for DMR for Ham radio here is a great guide pdf. DMR guide Jeff
  11. trido

    Samsung 40" model UN40JU640DAFXZA

    doesn any one have this set from Sams club model Samsung UN40JU640DAFXZA Question does it decode Googles VP9 used for your tube 4K? chat with samsung said YES but I like an owner to say yes? thanks
  12. trido

    Hopper and Bluetooth

    I messed up I now wished I had hopper installed in master bed so wife can use Bluetooth headphones and I not have to listen. I see of course joey have no Blue tooth am I correct hopper as far as coax from outside run to them is wired dif than joeys and super joey.Meaning no I can't swap hopper...
  13. trido

    How does directv handle defective HDR

    Looks like one of my HR23 is going bad today getting a Internal Storage Error. I do have the extra service plan will they just ship a new one and I can install or MUST they have a service person come out? thanks
  14. trido

    News MIX gone

    What happened to news mix now shows no longer ?
  15. trido

    Insight to lose NFL network on WED

    Looks like no more NFL network(and 12 live thur games this season), Since TWC bought Insight and TWC doesnt have NFL Network.
  16. trido

    WHen will olympics mix be on

    I thought ch 205 olympics mix ch be on this am?
  17. trido

    Must replace HD DVR defective must i renew for two more tears

    Seems like one of my hd23-700 has issues a handfull of channels are out but fine on my other three boxes. example style, reelz. Did re authorize via web reset and all that , had this issue two weeks ago re autho work then but not now. Ok the question and I hope i have this wrong I am out...
  18. trido

    MLB and Direct Question

    thinking of getting MLB extra innings but saw this. You must keep a permanent phone line connection to your receiver throughout the season. Is this true never ever hada phone line to any Direct box? Thanks
  19. trido

    Choice Ulimate Pkg

    Are Directs pkgs about to change? I notice as I have the Choice Ulitmate pks (since march) that GOLF tv is no longer in that pkg? Has this changed or am I looking at it wrong? thanks
  20. trido

    Sony Movie Channel is now Live

    Sony Movie channel HD is live now on CH 563.